Are you looking for a Cavachon puppy with a wonderfully non-shed & hypoallergenic coat? Foxglove Farm breeds for top quality coats, which means our Cavachon puppies are exceptionally good for those with allergies.  In fact, several allergists have recently sent their clients with allergies to purchase a Foxglove Cavachon!   
Toy & Standard sized Cavachons, our Cavachon puppies are very low to completely non-shed, great for people with allergies!  These little Cavachon puppy "Hybrids" are typically very gentle & loving, easy to house train, affectionate with children, other pets in the family, (cats included!) my feedback has been that our Cavachons are extremely easy to house-train, (we give them a super start which makes your job easier!) and very low maintenance, with lovely wavy coats that look adorable groomed in "Personality Clips" or left natural! 
Cavachon Puppies are priced from $1,500 & Up, depending on size, Toy Size (8 to 15 pounds) or Standard Sized (15 to 22 pounds average), we have lovely rare colors occasionally as well!  

Very hardy & healthy, my vet says our Cavachon puppies are blessed with "Hybrid Vigor", which typically produces a Cavachon puppy free of the many genetic problems associated with today's average purebred dog!  I love the personality of these Cavachons as well, happy little folk, Cavachons are cheerful & full of good will & simply delightful as companions & family pets.  I can't say enough nice things about these Cavachons, I have seen too many lovely purebred dogs with such heartbreaking issues,,, both in temperament & health, I truly believe by combining totally unrelated bloodlines in the parents, the offspring are much sounder in every way!  I showed purebred dogs for years, and I love them, but I have had first hand experience with what inbreeding can do to even the most beautifully bred AKC puppy!!!
As you can see, we have absolutely stunningly beautiful Cavachon puppies for sale,,, what you can't see, is their delightful little personalities & their robust good health, I know how hard it is to buy a Cavachon sight unseen, from someone you don't know, I have tried in every way to help you get to know me & the kind of place & puppies we offer, if I can answer any questions, don't hesitate to call or email me, I'll be glad to help in anyway I can!   Call today if I can help you & your family find that "Perfect Puppy"!!!
Kind Regards,
& Thank you for viewing our site, there are many out there, and I appreciate you consideration of our Cavachon puppies! 
Terry Ellen Cross
Foxglove Farm
Lucas, Ohio
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Cavachon puppy with non shed coat
Cavachon puppies great choice for those with allergies
Cavachon puppy with hypoallergenic coat
Cavachon puppies for sale
Dear Terry,
I have been sooo busy loving my puppy that I have taken too long to write you and thank you! Coco is the perfect Cavachon puppy. He is so loving, so easy to train (he was practically potty trained at 9 weeks!). He is so happy in our home with 6 people to love and play with him that the only trouble we have had is sharing!!! He can't go to the Vet without being passed around to everyone in the office as they are all in love with him as well. We will never forget the moment he arrived. He came via continental airlines and although we worried all day he arrived with his tail wagging and just the cutest face we have ever seen! We fell in love immediately! Thank you for bringing such love into our home!!! God bless you and your family.
If you ever have a moment, would you be able to add grooming needs of the Cavachons on your wonderful website? Thank you Terry!
The Lucas family

Hi Terry,We are so in love with our little guy. He loves everyone too! The neighbors, garbage man, lawn guys, shoppers at Petsmart! A male shopper told me that Bailey was ridiculously adorable! I thought you might want to see a few pictures of him that I will attach. We have worn him out! His first day we took him to the beach and he was a little overwhelmed. He slept in Jeff’s jacket most of the time. He has gone grocery shopping, roller skating, and to downtown Charleston to Bubba Gump shrimp restaurant. I snuck him in my bag! He slept in my lap for some of the meal the slept in his bag. Anyway…….the children are crazy about him. He gets so excited to go to their school and see their classmates. The teachers go nuts over him! I could go on and on! Thank you so much for raising such an adorable pup. We adore him!
Karen Woodman
Charleston, South Carolina
Cavachon Puppy
Foxglove Farms
Hannah Banana
She's headed to
San Antonio &
the Sunderland
(Mary, you're
going to
love our
Hannah Banana!!!
Cavachon Puppy very non shed coat
Foxglove Farms
Kathy & her dear hubby

Cavachon Puppy
Foxglove Farms
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Cavachon Puppies
Cavachon Puppy very non shed coat
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