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Cavachon And Cavapoo Puppies For Sale

View our current litter of Cavachon and Cavapoo puppies with their beauiful pictures and descriptions. If you look closely, you may see one winking at you!

Cavachon & Cavapoo Puppies Available now! barking and wagging of tails!

Foxglove Farm Cavachon Puppy

 AVAILABLE Cavachon & cavapoo PUPPIES !

scroll down the page for our current litters (buttons below for cavapoo & cavachon available puppies & answers to many Faq's puppy questions  : ) 

I’m delighted with our extra smart & easy to train babies. Our puppies are doing super well on all the puppy basics, typically, sleeping through the night and about 75% through the house training process. Foxglove Farm provides the resources to help the new puppy buyer become a puppy expert as quickly as possible. A “New Puppy Owners’ Quick Start Guide” as well as an ebook to help you navigate puppyhood with ease! I even have a blog on how to raise a great four footed companion. My goal is that my puppy people have a LIFETIME with a simply wonderful puppy be it a Cavachon or a Cavapoo, that your new puppy is a joy and a delight for years to come.
"We met one of your dogs while camping and we all fell in love!!!  The owner said it was a Cavachon and that Foxglove was the ONLY place to go!" - Renee in Michigan
I'm soooo excited!  I'm writing a series of dog stories for children of all ages and they'll be published soon and available on those trusty Amazon shelves!  If you'd like to learn more of my doggie journey, you can read it here (Or just tap Agatha's nose and she'll lead the way!        Woof!

I'm soooo excited!  I'm writing a series of dog stories for children of all ages and they'll be published soon and available on those trusty Amazon shelves!  If you'd like to learn more of my doggie journey, you can read it here (Or just tap Agatha's nose and she'll lead the way!        Woof!

Shipping Bundle

Please don't fear shipping your new puppy!  My veterinarian says that a short flight is much easier than a long car ride for a small puppy.  If you are within 3 or 4 hours tops, you are welcome to pick your puppy up at Foxglove. A longer journey than that & I highly recommend flying.  Puppies are hand carried and NOT put down with the luggage but are only flown on planes that have a puppy area (usually 2 puppies per flight, air-conditioned & temperature controlled).  Puppies travel in a cozy crate filled with shreddies, soothing lavender essential oil a rope bone toy made from their baby blanket & more.  I've seen videos of our puppies taken upon arrival and tails are wagging and puppy kisses bestowed moments after arrival!  One of the girls at the United counter told me recently that when they open the cabin to bring puppies into the office, they are almost always sound asleep, she said the hum of the motor lulls them to sleep and I totally agree.


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Questions about purchasing one of the puppies listed below, availability, upcoming litters?

Why are your puppies more expensive than many I see?

I've heard it over and over,,, "you have the most beautiful puppies on the internet, what is it about your puppies?  I keep coming back, they are just gorgeous!"

Because I'm so passionate about the difference a great puppy  makes,  I know how to raise not only stunningly beautiful Cavachons and Cavapoos, but puppies that because I put the extra time in to be sure the one you purchase will settle into his home as quickly and easily as possible.  Our puppies are typically a bit older , usually 10 to 12 weeks when they leave, making for a puppy who is mature enough to be crate trained when he arrives, sleeps through the night and old enough to potty train quickly.  You won't miss anything with a puppy that's a couple of weeks older, unless getting up at 3:00 am is high on your list of puppy wants!  I don't let puppies go too early, it makes things so much easier for the new owner when puppies are just a tad more mature.

I want a healthy puppy!

My goal is to raise not only the most beautiful and easy to train Cavachons you'll find, but to be sure that each puppy I place is exceptionally healthy.  We do genetic testing annually to ensure that a Foxglove Farm puppy is sound and healthy for the long-term.  Each puppy comes with a 5 year health guarantee, the longest of any Cavachon or Cavapoo breeder in the country!

Cavachon puppy with children


I'm asked all the time but I don't keep a waiting list, take deposits or post photos of tiny infant puppies.  We receive so many inquiries and , I simply work with our current litter of puppies and place them in homes as they reach 10 to 12 weeks of age.

It takes weeks to decide what a puppy will be like as an adult. Everything from what her face will mature like to personality and temperament, what kind of coat qualities, curly, wavy, adult size, all things that simply can't be decided when a puppy is an infant.  

 I typically do photos at 9 weeks of age, and after that time they are ready for their forever homes & also, by then I know how a puppy is maturing before deciding what home fits him or her best.  To read reviews and see pictures of our past puppy kids click here~! 

Can you help us choose the right Cavachon or Cavapoo for our family?    

That's what I do best, match people and puppies, I love fitting just the right one with each family.  I've been doing this for many years and I'm quite good at pointing people in the right direction puppy-wise.  I tell people too, sometimes a puppy will simply jump off the page and into their heart, I watch for that kind of "connection" when I talk to my customers.

That being said, I'm a Christian and my husband John and I pray that each puppy finds his or her perfect home, that our babies bring much joy to each new family, that they live long healthy lives, I believe that's the reason behind our success, God cares about even the small things in our lives, I believe He answers those prayers.

Are Cavachons or Cavapoos hard to train?

If you look long enough, you can find much nonsense on the internet.  So many "articles" are  written by professional copy writers who unfortunately often know little about dogs or if they know dogs, they know next to nothing about Cavachons or Cavapoos!  I even found an obscure reference recently saying Cavachons were hard to house train, I don't know about other puppies, but my feedback from puppy buyers for almost a decade enthusiastically describes our puppies as being very quick to potty train & so smart and trainable that they are being used as therapy dogs, service dogs, one brilliant owner of mine has even made it her goal to teach her Callie as many tricks as possible she's quickly becoming a Youtube star~! 

A Foxglove Farm puppy will bring puppy bliss for his or her long, healthy, loving, lifetime, they are simply the best dogs on the planet!

We are grateful for each our our customers, many of them have returned again and again to get another Foxglove baby or to send friends and family to get a Foxglove puppy like theirs.  I spend an enormous amount of time with each customer, this morning I was on the phone for 40 minutes with a lovely lady from Toledo, I have to quote her kind words...

Thank you so much for taking so much time talking with me, you are a fountain of Cavachon knowledge. I’ve been on your website every day, I think I’ve read every word, your puppies are so gorgeous! I met a man here in Toledo who has two of your beautiful dogs & he told me that I absolutely HAVE to buy from you!
— Jennifer in Ohio
"I had to write and tell you, we adore her!  I always say getting this dog was the best decision I ever made!  She is the love of my life..      Heather in NYC  

It takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed, but I know we have exceptionally beautiful & loving puppies, and that passion simply speaks for itself...   If you fall in love with and want to purchase one of the Cavachon or Cavapoo puppies listed below or have questions or need help in choosing the best puppy for your family,                 contact me via phone or email  I'd love to help!


Available Cavachon & Cavapoo puppies listed below!

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We have had so many happy customers. Feel free to read what they have to say about our beautiful Cavachon & Cavapoo puppies!

We've shipped puppies all over the US & Canada, and even as far away (with their families traveling alongside) as Bogata Columbia & Israel! If you are curious about shipping, please visit this page.

Happily Ever After

These sweeties recently found their new home. Their owners are so proud and excited!