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Available Puppies


As I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things-try to capture the personality of each of my puppies with my camera, to describe each one in such a way that makes him or her come to life for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) for your perfect cavachon-I find myself wondering which home will end up being the perfect one for each of our sweet cavachon babies.

To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace &  photos on a page,,,  a connection with YOUR Cavachon puppy just from their little faces looking out from a website... The amazing bit??? That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though less pricey ones abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "puppy kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on Foxglove Farm.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your Cavachons are just SO BEAUTIFUL beautiful & there's just something about your site that's different"...

While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate about placing the most beautiful puppy,  the one who will fit perfectly into each family,,, it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, but I know we have simply wonderfully beautiful & loving loyal puppies, and that passion simply speaks for itself...   If you fall in love with a puppy listed below or have would like help finding the perfect puppy match for your family~!

Question About One Of Our Puppies? Ring  419-552-6670



I have two new litters to post in the next few days, both Mini & Toy size Cavachon & Cavapoo babies, prepare to fall in PUPPY LOve!!!!

Foxglove Farm Barkley

Mini Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy

This is SUCH a nice puppy!  Intelligent, trainable, eager to please, sensible, silly and fun at times, gentle and laid-back at others,,, on a scale of 1 - 10 I'd say he's about a 5 as to activity level and sociability.  "Barkley" loves kind kids, but I'd say no tiny tots, he'll do beautifully in homes with older kids who want a playful companion who alternates to being a study buddy for hours at a time if need be.  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS & MORE ABOUT BARKLEY!


Homeward Bound

These sweeties recently found their new home. Their owners are so proud and excited!