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Foxglove Farm Skittles

Cavachon Puppies For Sale

Longing for Cavachon or Cavapoochon puppy to call your own? Here are photos of Foxglove Farm's latest available puppies. If you fall in puppy love-contact us.

Foxglove Farm Skittles

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Foxglove Farm Skittles


Cavapoo Ruby Girl Puppy Oh just the most adorable little puppy person!  You will fall in love with this baby the moment you meet her.  She has a heart of gold and happily greets everyone with tail awag and eyes shining with puppy love.  If you've children who are not entirely sure about the doggie thing, here's the perfect puppy.  Skittles will make a playful but gentle (More photos just right click that cute sunflower!)

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companion who will ensure that a lifetime of being a dog lover results!  Smallish, I'd say about 12 to 13 pounds grown, perfectly sturdy, she thinks she's a big dog and plays with any size canine happily.  Her coat will bloom into a beautiful shade of red/gold, an especially pretty color that has lots of sheen.  She'll always look like she's just had her highlights done!