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Foxglove Farm Dusty Miller (Sweetest of boy puppies is headed to his new family in CT tomorrow!  He says WOOF!)

Cavachon Puppies For Sale

Longing for Cavachon or Cavapoochon puppy to call your own? Here are photos of Foxglove Farm's latest available puppies. If you fall in puppy love-contact us.

Foxglove Farm Dusty Miller (Sweetest of boy puppies is headed to his new family in CT tomorrow! He says WOOF!)

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IMG_4607 (1).jpg
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Foxglove Farm Dusty Miller (Sweetest of boy puppies is headed to his new family in CT tomorrow! He says WOOF!)


Blenheim Cavachon Boy Puppy  I had to share this sweet puppy interaction (though it will end up on the blog I'm sure).  Just a bit about puppy personality and how incredibly intuitive a great puppy can be.  Clara Rose & her little cousin Baylin arrived the other day and of course first on Clara's agenda was for Aunt Terry to let her play with a puppy.  Dusty Miller has happy to oblidge and watch the interaction between him and Baylin who is just the least bit frightened of dogs.  See Dusty's body language?  The low profile, his ears held back?  See how he's almost crawling to keep from scaring the little visitor?  Even his tail is lowered, his whole aspect reflects his desire to make friends, his understanding of her caution, his attempts to reassure her that he's gentle and just wants to say hi.

See the other photos with Clara Rose who has been around puppies her whole little life and adores them? (on the next page, just click the image) Dusty reads her perfectly as well, he romps and plays happily, knowing that she is thrilled to bits to see him.  Of course, I'll have to digress on the blog about why children NEED a great dog.  I worry when little people are timid around dogs, they can miss out on one of the most important parts of childhood.  Learning to love and nurture a puppy can be so healthy and beneficial to children.  Back to the puppy picnic : )

Oh, puppy JOY!  The sun has made a reappearance and puppies love nothing more than a chance to romp and play after the rainy days we've been having.  I captured Dusty Miller in mid-air as he was racing through the yard after Daisy Pearl, I don't know who was having more fun, the puppies or me watching them. This little mama's boy is the perfect blend, sporty and fun but still gentle and loving, liking nothing better than to be in someone's arms. Then take him out to play and he (More photos just right click his button nose!)

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chases his siblings and plays as hard as he can until it's naptime then you don't know you've got him for an hour or two.  Typical little boy Cavachon, by the way, someone yesterday was asking me about which was a better choice, boy or girl?  In some breeds, there's a marked difference, but in the Cavalier hybrids, I love both.  Boys are super affectionate and love everyone in the family, girls are sometimes prone to ADORE their pick person, but goodness, there is enough puppy love to go around with either!