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Hi Terry, 
 Just wanted to drop a line or two to thank you again for the absolute best Cavachon puppy ever!! (Our girl Tea'). Today is her 2nd. birthday and oh what a joy she is to our family. She has a cupcake waiting for her later today to celebrate her big day !!
 I wish I could tell everyone who is thinking about adopting one of your puppies to not think twice. Adopting our CavachonTea' as a puppy was such a blessing. Shes so intelligent and oh what a personality, the best. 
 So thanks again Terry and hope to see you again soon 
to get our little girl a sister. 
Take care 
> Leah Hitchman

I'm especially good at matching each Cavachon to exactly the right home.

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You can email me for help choosing your next family companion!

"​Looking for that perfect Cavachon to join your family?
You've come to the right place!
Foxglove Farm has absolutely gorgeous Cavachons puppies!"
A brief word about Cavachon size~!
 We currently try to raise two sizes of Cavachon for families to choose from.  The "Toy" size
typically stays under 15 pounds, and is by far the most popular size, with requests for Toy puppies running 2 to 1 compared to Standard Size.  I suppose the more portable & tidy dog is part of the reason, as well as the fact that though "Toy Size", the smaller Cavachon is still a little dog with the heart of a big dog!  They happily avoid the "small dog syndrome", and are not a bit yappy or hyper, but have the mellow sweetness of their larger cousins in the K-9 world, albeit in a wonderfully easy size to groom & travel with!
The Standard Size is the 15 pounds and up category, we can usually make a good guess as to whether a puppy will stay on the smaller or larger size within a category, with the Standards being a super choice for very active families with more than a moderate amount of sporty activity planned for the new canine addition!
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