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Happily Ever After

Paisley Princess finds her new home with the Heiler Family

Isaac Young

You'd think I'd get over the thrill of a beautiful puppy wouldn't you?  After all these years, it amazes me that I still delight in our darling babies.  I thank God that I get to work with these loveliest of small creatures, and that I meet so many wonderful puppy people.  Occasionally though, when a litter like this one comes along, I find myself walking around with a soft little morsel in my arms,, a silly grin on my face. Just today as I walked around with small Paisley in my arms, I had to carry her into John's study and stand there grinning foolishly, "Honey is this not the most adorable puppy you've ever seen? (and THAT is saying something folks!  We have seen some really amazingly beautiful little ones over the years.)

Her pictures tell it all. And her puppy parents are the luckiest puppy parents around. 

Click on the pictures to get a larger view of each one and more. Enjoy viewing and sharing with  friends and Heiler family!