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Puppy Plunge


The Puppy plunge

You have finally done it! After searching for untold dozens of hours, peering at furry little puppy faces until you see them in your dreams, you’ve found YOUR puppy! Something about that tiny face just connected with you, and when you showed your husband and then the kids, there was puppy pandemonium and the choice was made.

Now with your new little bundle’s arrival scheduled in a few days, suddenly the panic sets in, and you find yourself lying wide awake at three a.m. wondering what in the world do you need to do before puppy arrives? Raising a puppy well, begins with the right preparations and doing your puppy homework first will help keep you and your new puppy on the right track and being well prepared prior to your new family member’s arrival will help make that transition a smoother one for everyone.

That part about lying in bed in a pre-puppy panic? So many people describe just that sort of fretting, but with a bit of direction and a small amount of hand-holding, you can relax and enjoy what will be one of the most delightful experiences your family will ever have.

An enthusiastic dog owner told me the other day:

“Getting this dog has added so many layers of love to our family, we all don’t know what we’d do without her!”

First things First

You’ll want to be sure before your puppy comes home that you have all necessary supplies on hand.

  • Puppy Food (Your breeder should send a small bag along, but you’ll want to pick up a larger size of your breeder’s recommendation of puppy food. Don’t make any changes until after 6 months of age). We like Natural Balance Lamb Meal & Brown Rice in either the Small Breed Bites or the Puppy Formula, it'a an all stage of life food so both are perfect for puppies!
  • Your breeder will also send along a small bottle of Agatha’s Elixir to keep your puppy on track and add that extra boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and prebiotics as an additional incentive to keep eating happily after the competition of her litter is gone.
  • 4 foot lead (The width should be about ¼” to ½” anything wider will be too heavy on a small puppy’s neck) Your puppy will come with a tiny collar that will fit for a few months.
  • A Flexi Lead or retractable lead for giving puppy room to run and play if your yard isn’t fenced. The two most important items in your puppy tool kit in my opinion? The two things that will make life with your new puppy a million times easier? Or, as a puppy person told me recently, after heading to the pet store and picking up one the two I strongly urged him to get?

“These were miraculous! I can’t believe how much better we are getting along with the potty training!”

  • Like a puppy playpen for daytime use, I did a review of the Richell Pet Pen on my Agatha’s Apothecary Blog, it’s a great tool, attractive and easy to set up, you can order it on Amazon, it’s one of the best things you can have to expedite house training. []Foxgloveplaypen
  • The small crate your puppy arrives in is her night time sleeping spot with a soft fleecy bed. Your puppy will miss cuddling with her siblings and for example, a nice comfy bed in the family room will help her feel more at home. That being said, keep just a small baby blanket or towel in her night time crate. Puppies are warm natured, and that will keep her cozy but cool enough. Think washable for now.
  • Ex-pen - The best solution is to have an outdoor portable puppy yard to create a safe area for preliminary potty training and allows you to walk your puppy without a lead while early potty training is ongoing.
  • NO Over the top rawhides. Avoid basted bones, rawhides drenched in chicken and other flavors. Many reasons not to use them, puppies can ingest large pieces and choke, or worse still, they can become lodged in the intestinal tract. My biggest reason is that most dogs can become very possessive about highly scented doggie delicious treats. Best to keep treats simple and avoid a tug-a-war with your little Fido.
  • TREATS! I like the Nutro Blueberry Crunchy Treats, you can find them on Amazon or at your local pet retailer. Remember, no rawhides, no highly scented or basted chew sticks of any kind.
  • TOYS TOYS TOYS!!! A good variety of toys will give your puppy good choices to play with. I like an assortment of stuffed animal toys, small rigid Nylabone type chewing toys, toys that make a noise are fun. Be a child, enjoy this part! []Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.42.27 PM.jpg
  • Two bowls, one for food & one for water. I like stainless or ceramic, cute is good.

Two things to order before your puppy arrives:

As you know, to keep your health guarantee in effect, your puppy will need to stay on both the NuVet Plus as well as a daily probiotic. I have found that taking these small steps helps ensure a healthy puppy and also a healthy adult dog. While there are many probiotics on the market, I recommend ours because I can attest that they are high quality, super fresh, and very high potency with a broad spectrum of cultures. Nevertheless, as long as you use a probiotic, I’ll be happy. If you do decide to try our products you can order them from

Agatha’s Apothecary Advanced Probiotic

Easy-peasy to use, just pull open the stay-fresh capsule for the perfect daily dose of powerful immune system building probiotic amazingness!

Nuvet Plus

NuVet Plus is packed with essential antioxidants & nutrients needed to bridge the gap in what is often lacking in a dog’s diet. It is a yummy chewable liver flavored treat, loaded with enzymes, essential pure source vitamins and minerals and rounded out with a selection of natural herbs known to promote health and vitality in dogs.

You can’t find NuVet Plus in stores, it can only be ordered direct from the website: [] or you can call them at 1-800-474-7044 to order by phone. If you use this order code 11982, not only will it give you a 15% discount for auto-ship, but it will also be the easiest way to be sure you’ll always have it on hand.

That should help you sleep a bit more soundly now that your supplies will be on hand before your new baby arrives!

Look around the house at puppy eye level

Have a walk through the house and make sure that in your puppy’s area of the home, there are no obvious items waiting to be tasted. Electric cords, small rugs etc, you don’t need to be drastic, just apply a bit of common sense and keep temptations to a minimum.

Remember to keep puppy very limited in her house privileges the first week especially. She’ll be learning a new house, where your doors are, how to get outside to find her new potty spot, all things that you’ll have to teach her.

With a bit of diligence on your part you’ll be a expert puppy parent in no time! Who knows? You may even find yourself perusing the web for a second little creature on e day. Two puppies are twice the fun they say!