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The Puppy Post

Cavachon and Cavapoo Puppy Cutie Pies from Past Litters : )

Terry Cross

Heaven's to Betsy!  

Posted the new little people this evening, and I'm astonished to say that at least 3 of the 5 are spoken for or pending, the first within minutes of appearing on the site!  I KNOW this will disappoint many of you who have been waiting for a puppy, the good news is we have planned several litters for November and December, there are puppies coming up after these so don't lose heart! 

I'm thinking I'll have to revisit the deposits option, as much as I don't want to...  We'll see, I truly believe that each puppy finds his or her way to the perfect home,,, sometimes it's a journey and I watch puppy people disappointed to miss a puppy, then find their PERFECT puppy a few months later.  It all works out eventually but sometimes there's a bit of drama along the way.

Enough of my rambling on for this evening,,, if you miss these babies, let's try this.  Email me and put PUPPY WAIT LIST in your subject line?  Let's see if that will make matters a bit easier for those who are really hoping for a puppy sooner rather than later.

Apologetic Wags,


For those kind folks out there who enjoy my writing, we're in the midst of moving my blog to a new site with a much more user-friendly experience. 

Watch for an upcoming announcement and news about a fun new column called "Ask Agatha" for your questions on everything related to dogs from the best age to neuter a puppy to how to make healthy additions to your dog's diet, to how to introduce a new puppy to your older dog.  I love helping dog owners live great lives with their pets so join me in becoming the best owner you can possibly be!

Whoo Hoo! New Litter of Cavachon Puppies Posted Today!

Terry Cross

Cavachon Puppy

Been dreaming about the perfect puppy addition for your family?

Meet the new litter here: 

(Only 3 puppies available now but if you miss these, fear not, we have several litters between now and Christmas!) 

image1 (5).JPG



Pictures like this one of "Emmet" a Foxglove puppy all grown up and living in California fill my Inbox every day.  Do yourself and your family a favor, get an amazing puppy.  You'll never be sorry, and that initial investment will be repaid a hundredfold in the years you live with your incredibly smart, trainable, healthy, loving and trustworthy, BEAUTIFUL Foxglove Farm puppy!

Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary

Getting a new puppy?  Don't forget your bottle of Agatha's Elixir.  We use it for every puppy we raise and send each baby home with a sample bottle. Elixir helps build puppy immune systems, so vital for warding off viruses! 

Agatha's Elixir

One Of My Favorite Doggie Adventures

Terry Cross


Isn't fall almost everyone's favorite time of year?  The weather in Ohio has been getting crisp and the geese fly far overhead on their journey to warmer climes.  If you missed this doggie tale of canine encounters with feline intruders, settle in for a tale of doggie darling that will have you ready to take a camping trip of your own.  Most of my dogs have sooner or later become fast friends with any feline visitors they met, with just a few notable exceptions!  Read More:

Bonsai Comes Home To Stay.png

Speaking of dog stories, if you have little people in the house and love reading to them, don't miss this bittersweet story about a little dog who finds love when it seems all is lost. 

Bonsai Comes Home To Stay will help little people learn about love and compassion and caring gently for the pets they live with.

Kids LOVE Bonsai!  One puppy person told me her granddaughter took Bonsai along to school for a project to read to her class.  The children Enjoyed it so much they made her read it TWICE!  Love it!

Agatha's Banner (Chester).jpg

An Exciting Announcement & The Missing Puppies!

Terry Cross

Agatha's Apothecary Puppy Snacks


Coming November 2017: the FIRST treat specially designed to help puppy owners with housetraining a new puppy!  

Probiotic Healthy Puppy Snacks a delicious jerky your puppy will sit up and bark for!  Puppy Snacks a limited ingredient "snack" that contains only usda chicken, sweet potatoes, probiotics, prebiotics & digestive enzymes.  Many treats are loaded with preservatives dyes and colors, are hard to digest and can cause stomach upset and quickly complicate the house training process.  (You do NOT want this scenario, trust me).  The key to training success is to use a treat that is not only truly irresistible but one that is easy on the sensitive digestive tract of young canines.  Not an easy combination to find.  

I can finally point owners to truly healthy options that both their puppies and grown dogs will adore.  Better still, Agatha's Healthy Solutions are not only delightfully yummy, they come in 3 varieties that are truly healthy for pets and not just more empty calorie treats.  I couldn't be more pleased to share them with pet owners everywhere.  I'll be doing a giveaway soon, watch for the next newsletter for to enter!

Agatha's Apothecary Healthy Dog Jerky Treats

Where's the pups? OOPS!

Cavapoo Puppy from Foxglove Farm

For those poor puppy people who've besieged me asking if the new litter was already spoken for (since I forgot to include the link) I apologize, I'm fairly good at this computer stuff but occasionally I miss something important like actually telling people where to find the new litter!  A couple of babies are gone thanks to some savvy shoppers out there, but we have several precious puppykids that await your perusal, just click the BUTTON/LINK below : )

Warmest Wags From Foxglove Farm,



A Little Puppy Pandemonium

Terry Cross

Foxglove Cavapoo Puppy

Don't let this demure little miss fool you!  The life of a puppy photographer is not always easy...  Our newest Cavapoo babies are beyond adorable, they truly are, but oh my goodness, what can happen when you add a few flowers and some ever so tempting bits and pieces within reach of a litter of puppies who've just woken up for a nap are are ready to PLAY!!!!

Cavapoo Puppy from Foxglove Farm
Cavapoo Puppy

Only by exerting all of the puppy training skills at my disposal (and bribery where needed) was I able to corral this fluffy little bundle into posing for just an instant so I could get that perfect puppy portrait to share with the world of puppy lovers out there!

Foxglove Farm Cavapoo Puppy for sale

Things continued in the same manner throughout our puppy glamour shot session...

Cavapoo boy puppy from Foxglove Farm
Cavapoo Puppy For Sale
Playful Cavapoo
Cavapoo puppy playing outdoors

Until I realized that all everyone needed was a chance to have some puppy fun!  

Cavapoo puppy playing

After MUCH running and romping and chasing of toys, all was peaceful in puppyville and everyone was ready for a nap,,, but not before just a few more puppy photos!

Beautiful Cavapoo Puppy

I'll be posting these darling puppy kids on Monday, they are just turning 11 weeks and will be ready for new homes next Friday.  If you are on the Cavapoo wait list, I'll be sharing photos this weekend so you can make your choice, fair warning, it won't be easy, they are all just too cute for words!

Natural Flea Remedy

If you have a puppy, sooner or later the dreaded campaign against fleas and ticks must begin. Please don't use toxic flea drops and dangerous chemicals on the pets you love!  I'm so proud of our Natural Flea Remedy, a gentle and completely safe first step in winning the war against pests, without poisoning your pets, your children or the planet!  It's a tasty powder you sprinkle over your pet's breakfast to make her unappealing to fleas and other pesties.  

Do me a favor if you try Natural Flea Remedy or any of Agatha's products, would you be a star and leave a nice review if you love them (which I know you will, they are all amazing!).

Natural Flea Remedy really is a fantastic, non-toxic way to keep fleas off your pets.  A recent customer raved that her dog no longer gets ticks (after a summer of fighting them every time they went on a walk!) but SHE does!  EEK!  Obviously, NFR is doing the job.  Sadly, it got our first 1 Star review on Amazon yesterday (after a long run of almost unanimous 5 Stars for every product) because a user who sounds like she had a flea infestation in her yard, blamed it for not ridding her dogs of fleas.

First, it's a preventative and needs to be started BEFORE there is an out of control flea epidemic. Anyway, it's a great product, it protects pets and people and I'd love it to get a fair chance to do the good it was created to do.

By the way, another customer with 5 dogs and a king sized flea problem last year, has not had a SINGLE FLEA this summer whooo hoo (she started it well before flea season began, the key to natural flea control success!!!  We just launched this great little product and I'd love it to get a loyal following and know that at least some of my puppy people are not exposing their families to scary carcinogenic products..  

Truly, it's so important to avoid toxic flea controls,,, be safe puppy people, be safe!!!

Warmest Wags,



The Right Puppy Is Always The Right Color

Terry Cross


I've watched the process unfold so many times over the years.  The phone rings or an email chimes, a knock sounds at the door of our farmhouse kitchen and the game is afoot. A puppy seeker has wandered down one path or another and has found Foxglove Farm, and is seeking the perfect puppy to fulfill all their puppy dreams.  

I'm good at this.  Who would have thought that little four-footed creatures would need a matchmaker but they do.  Fitting each puppy with his or her perfect home, that exactly right situation where puppy and puppy person can find joy and help fill an empty place and yes, bring a little puppy love into this stressful old world of ours.


Sometimes, I find a puppy person who is set on one or another of our flashier little numbers, and occasionally I have to steer them gently towards the puppy I know is the better choice for them.  I had a call earlier this evening, from a sweet lady who was much in need of a puppy.  In fact early in our conversation I encouraged her, "If you don't get a puppy from Foxglove, you still simply have to get a dog!"  Her story is her own and I won't share it here other than to say that she had met one of our Foxglove babies up in New England and one of my dear Foxglove puppy owners had sent her our way with exhortations to "Let Terry help you find the right dog, she'll help you get just the right fit!"

We sorted through several puppy options, in the back of my mind as often happens, the face of one particular little puppy kept gazing wistfully at me.  I knew he was just exactly right for her, but at first she was drawn to some of my more brightly colored puppy kids.  

The problem was, she needed just the right puppy.  Not a fussy puppy.  Not a precocious puppy, beautifully marked and brightly coated as he might be.  

She needed an old soul of a puppy.  

A quiet puppy who was gentle and a bit thoughtful, a puppy who would understand instantly that she needed someone to love and someone who would settle in quickly and wholeheartedly begin his job of being her devoted companion.  

And so as the minutes flew by and we talked of puppies and personalities, of unlikely things like England and our favorite puppy names and as that one little face drifted softly in my mind's eye, we came together to the same conclusion.  That indeed little Archie was meant for her.  That he would be just the one who needed to come fill her heart with life and sweet puppy affection.

"I love his face, those eyes, they keep looking at me..."  There it was, that connection, even though she'd never met him, she had recognized the inner beauty of this earnest faced creature and I knew she was the going to love my kind-hearted Archie and give him exactly the home he needed.




So baby Archie is sound asleep on this early fall evening.  I like to think that he dreams puppy dreams of his new home, of his new life and the lady that he will love with all the love his small heart has to give which is very much love indeed.

Yes, he may not be the most astonishingly beautiful puppy I've ever raised.  But he has the makings of a handsome little fellow and will grow out of his duckling stage into a wonderfully atractive grown up dog who will make me proud that he's done the job I raised him to do...  

Bring Puppy Joy...  And in the end, that's all that really matters...





 "My puppy still smelled amazing days after she arrived! What did you use on her & where can I get it?"

In my past life I took a summer long course to learn dog grooming in a steamy South Carolina grooming salon.  Among a host of other dog skills gained there, I learned the that quickest way to beautiful coat for our client's dogs was using top notch grooming products.  

Several years ago when Agatha's Apothecary was just getting off the ground, I began searching for a line of grooming products that would nourish skin and coat, keep dogs smelling divine for days and importantly, not include the laundry list of chemicals most coat products for dogs contain.  An added benefit would be products that didn't give my allergies a fit just being near them. (I've thrown away an appalling number of grooming products for that very reason, they wrecked havoc with my allergies!)

That journey resulted in the creation of four products that have exceeded everything I could have wanted and more.  The shampoo is the BEST I've ever used (and I've bathed 1000's of dogs) the conditioner produces a super healthy coat that's easy to brush.  The doggie deodorizer fur freshener does exactly that, it doesn't just mask fusty smelly dog odor, it works to naturally neutralize odor on pets and pet bedding, all the places pets live. Pup Pup Cologne, natural essential oils that help soothe and calm fractious canines.

So here's how to make your puppy (or dog) smell amazing at home too!

I start with the bath, (always lather your dog twice, so important puppy people!) of course I use our Luxury Lather, it's aloe vera base means I can wash little faces and not worry about harming puppy eyes.  After a thorough rinse, I use about a tablespoon of Healthy Coat Conditioner, again, working from the head to the tail, massage down each leg and rinse with nice warm water.  Don't forget to use your hands to gently squeegee as much water as possible out of the coat, paying special attention to ears and legs.  Wrap in a fluffy towel for a minute or two, again blotting as much moisture as possible, you'll find drying time is much faster when you don't skip these extra short steps.

By the way, it's important that puppies learn about hair dryers from an early age, most will be visiting their local grooming parlor many times in their lives and early socialization with the tools of that trade can make for a dog your groomer will love to work with.  Happy dogs are always easier to groom and you'll find your groomer can work wonders with the coat if it's kept in super condition.)


After puppy coat is dry and fluffy, a spritz of Fur Freshener will add polish and sheen without harmful silicones and keep the coat fresh for days. (If tangles are a worry, add a bit of Healthy Coat to your Fur Freshener, shake well and use every time you brush, soon your dog will have coat as beautiful as Agatha's!).

It's important if you have a "coated dog" a dog with long coat that tends to tangle, to always always use conditioner after the bath. To neglect this step will mean a snarled matted coat that your groomer decrees must be shaved and is beyond her ability to brush out.  She will LOVE you for adding these products to your at home coat care routine trust me on this one!  The added step of using Fur Freshener between baths will keep static electricity at bay, the enemy of your hair and your dog's hair too!



Last step is just a couple of drops of Pup Pup Cologne at the base of the neck.  Pup Pup is a blend of pure essential oils of lavender and bergamot that also helps repel fleas and ticks and mosquitos. That combination of herbs is naturally calming and if you've ever slept on lavender scented sheets you know how restful that aroma truly is. Confession?  I'm so in love with this little product that I keep it in my purse and use it for my own perfume, it's soothing fragrance is just the thing when I'm rushing about running errands, all it takes is a drop or two and instant relaxation!

Pup Pup Colonge.jpg

So there you have it Puppy People, the path to a puppy that will make you the proudest pet owner on the planet!

My faithful puppy people know how to find Agatha's products on Amazon or at  home of the best dog supplements, of course, on the planet!  You'll find all of these there if you want to add them to your own DIY dog grooming toolkit!  



I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Puppy Post and those of you who arrived here by route of welcome!  I've missed my special friends and I hope you'll enjoy these puppy stories and more snippets of our life here at Foxglove Farm.  I'd love to hear your puppy stories too, we all have that special dog that came just when we needed him or her to help fill a place that no one else could ever fill.  

They do that with all of their faithful hearts.

Give your good dog a hug won't you?



Our June Cavachon and Cavapoo Puppies are Here!

Elizabeth Young



Oh my goodness, these puppies have been such fun, they are too adorable for words,  (did you see the newsletter with pics of them playing with my niece's baby girl Clara Rose? I'm rather used to amazing puppies, but even I'm going back over and over to rave over those photos, I think they're headed to Agatha's - too pretty not to share with the world!) 

Some of my favorites (although it's honestly much too hard to have a favorite!) :

Foxglove Farm Soda Pop "Fizzy" 

Foxglove Farm Violetta 

Foxglove Farm Oh Darling Clementine



Warm Wags, 


Looking For Puppy Bliss?

Terry Cross

Clara Rose & Cavachon Puppy Friend

Spring has sprung at Foxglove Farm, good news for you puppy seekers out there looking for that perfect puppy to make some little person's face shine with PUPPY JOY (Clara Rose came to visit the other day and I don't know who had more fun, the puppies or this precious little one!

Foxglove Farm Cavachons with Clara Rose

As most of my puppy people know, I wear two hats, Agatha's Apothecary is one passion and as a dog breeder, my other love is raising amazing puppies that bring the sort of joy pictured above. To say all of this keeps me busy is a major understatement, but doing what you love is a privilege and I have some of the best customers in the world, you all are just amazing.  

Some of you have been getting this newsletter since the beginning, and like Terri in PA who dreams of her someday puppy : ) or Marj in Atlanta with Benji (who must be almost 9 years old by now!) where did the time go?!


Cavachon puppy with little girl

All that to say, sorry for the delay in sending out the "heads up" newsletter (that let's puppy people know when we post a new litter) and I'll try to be brisker in the future!  As a recent puppy person wailed "The puppies are all gone by the time I open the newsletter!"

Foxglove Farm Cavachons

Sometimes true, but I always feel like each puppy finds his or her way to exactly the right home, it's all part of their journey and I love watching that process unfold.  

Cavachon Puppy sable and white

In the meantime, have a look, the puppies are indeed posted, a few will undoubtedly be snatched up.  "Foxglove Farm I'm The Bee's Knees" has caused a bit of a puppy riot with about 5 people waiting in line if his adoption falls through, but there are simply extordinary puppies still available.  Good "old-fashioned dogs" all, simply waiting to make you part of their puppy journey!

Thanks again for your friendship, enjoy the PUPPY LOVE!


Let's keep our puppies (and grown up dogs healthy puppy people!  I'm on a bit of a tangent lately about flea control, please be an informed pet owners, the common products that you'll get at your local veterinarian's office are toxic to pets and people alike.  there are safer ways to eliminate fleas without using products that will harm your kids and your pets.  

please stay safe with flea control puppy people!

Agatha's Apothecary Elixir

Our May Cavachon Puppies are here!

Elizabeth Young

Here’s a preview of our sweet new Cavachon litter! 

The largest litter we’ve had! Eight Cavachon babies will be ready for their forever homes on May 5th!

 My perennial favorites, Cavachons are perfect for those puppy novices out there, they are truly the comfort spaniels of the Cavalier hybrids.  Beautiful, smart, easy to train, the most loving and loyal pups on the planet!

Let me know soon if you think of these precious pups belongs home with you! 

Warm Wags, Terry Cross 


"Daisy Pearl" was not too excited about the cute little hair bow that I thought looked she looked perfectly precious wearing.  She complied with a drooping countenance but the moment it slid off onto her paws she decided things were definitely looking up in Puppyville!  

cavachon puppy

Flea season is upon us!  Here’s a link to my free eBook on fighting them naturally.  Don’t risk your health or the health of your beloved pets to toxic flea products, there’s a safer way I promise!

Woof! Spring Puppies are Here!

Elizabeth Young

Hello Puppy People, 

Sweet puppies are posting today, Thursday! :) Keep an eye out for your perfect pup! 

Warm Wags, Terry Cross 

February Puppies are posted! Prepare to fall in love!

Elizabeth Young



Dear Puppy People,

It takes loads of time and effort and more hard work than I every dreamed, but I know we have exceptionally beautiful and loving puppies, and that passion simply speaks for itself. If you fall in love with and want to purchase one of our available Cavachon or Cavapoo puppies or have questions or need help in choosing the best puppy for your family, contact me via phone or email. I’d love to help! 

Warm Wags, Terry Cross

Woof! Sweet Christmas puppies posted! Hello

Elizabeth Young

Hello my puppy people,

I posted 3 of the most precious baby girls I've had all year!  They were BORN with the most amazing personalities (and totally adorable too!) Easy-Peasy for those puppy newbies out there! HO HO HO!

“Thank you so much for taking so much time talking with me, you are a fountain of Cavachon knowledge. I’ve been on your website every day, I think I’ve read every word, your puppies are so gorgeous! I met a man here in Toledo who has two of your beautiful dogs & he told me that I absolutely HAVE to buy from you!” — Jennifer in Ohio

Here are two of mom's favorites:

Foxglove Farm Little Snowflake

Foxglove Farm Dudley

Warm Wags and Merry Christmas from Foxglove Farm! ps... please scroll to the bottom for our special news!!! :) 

cavachon puppies for sale

terry cross dog books

New Cavachon Puppy Kids Posted! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Elizabeth Young

The Puppy Post (1).png

If you've never owned a Cavachon before, you're in for a treat! These amazing little dogs are quickly becoming one of the most sought after canines on the planet. 

Here are some of Mom's favorites:





Warm Wags, Terry Cross

Prepare To Fall In Puppy LOVE

Terry Cross

Little Pumpkins To Make You Swoon!

 Puppies love to help with cleaning up all those pesky fall leaves!!!  (Or NOT! lol!)

Puppies love to help with cleaning up all those pesky fall leaves!!!  (Or NOT! lol!)

 Cider says "I heard we were going to help pass out candy to the kids for Trick or Treat!"

Cider says "I heard we were going to help pass out candy to the kids for Trick or Treat!"

 Candy Corn says "Where did everybody go?!?"

Candy Corn says "Where did everybody go?!?"

 "Did someone mention S'MORES??"

"Did someone mention S'MORES??"

Bonsai Comes Home To Stay
Agatha's Apothecary Banner

Pumpkin Patch Puppies Just Posted!!!

Elizabeth Young


Pumpkin Patch Puppies just posted!!!!

Don't you love that funny little tilt Cavachons do when they are curious about something (or wanting another one of their favorite dog treats!)?? These puppies are sure to fill hearts and homes! 

Here are some of Mom's favorites:




Our puppies typically find their forever homes rather shortly after posting their pictures. Take a look today, only if you are ready to fall in puppy love.

Warm Wags, Terry 




My poor dog.

She was minding her own business this afternoon, innocently lying in a sunbeam in the kitchen and just about to doze off for a nice nap when my urgent call rings down the stairs. “Agatha, here girl, here Aggie, come on AGATHA!”

She comes to the bottom of the steps and peers up at me, trying to decide if I really have need of her assistance or is this just another one of my random Instagram moments.

She is SO over Instagram.  


Building Happy + Healthy Pets

FALL in Love with These Adorable Cavachon Babies

Elizabeth Young


Aren't these little munchkin puppies adorable??? 

Here are some of Mom's favorites:




Our puppies typically find their forever homes rather shortly after posting their pictures.

Take a look today, only if you are ready to fall in puppy love.

Warm Wags,



Elizabeth Young


Cavachons and Cavapoochons


Here are some of Mom's favorites:

Foxglove Farm Red Rover

Foxglove Farm Patch Patty

Foxglove Farm Harry Barker

Our puppies typically find their forever homes rather shortly after posting their pictures.

Take a look today, only if you are ready to fall in puppy love.

Musings from the blog.... 


My niece brought this cute little mug in the other day when she came and brought baby Clara Rose along for a visit.  It got me thinking about the jobs we do and how my life has been one filled with the love of dogs and an enthusiastic attempt to make everyone I meet love… read more