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My Puppy Training eBook

A puppy training book for written to answer all those questions that keep new puppy owners awake at night worrying… How to house train a new puppy? How to feed and care for young puppies? How often to groom? What about teething and play biting? Real help for the puppy novice in an instant download puppy course that’s fun to read and full of practical tips and pointers for helping you raise a puppy that grows up to be an amazing family companion with the least amount of stress.


Welcome to the Puppy Training 101 landing page. Here you will find quick links to our favorite puppy training articles.

If you are a new puppy owner a good place to start reading is our New Puppy Owner Quick Start Guide.

Oh puppy bliss indeed! You’ve just brought home that little bundle of joy and you’re nearly petrified at the thought of doing something wrong with your puppy training and ruining the precious darling forever!

Fear not, help is a mouse click away! I’m Terry Cross, “The Puppy Diva” and my passion is helping people live better lives with their puppies by giving them the tools they need to raise great dogs! I have tried to address simply everything the new puppy owner will encounter, from the first few days when the basics are foremost on your mind.

On to some of the more advanced things you’ll need to know to keep your new puppy on the path to Canine Companion Dog par excellent! What if you’ve already ruined your dog with poor training or poor discipline? The Puppy Diva has help for you, too!