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The Best Puppy Training Book

Puppy Training Book

My “favorite” Puppy Training book

Am I allowed to say that it’s my favorite even though I wrote it?

I’m sorry but I just can’t help it, I’m so excited to share this eBook with all those puppy owners who are struggling to gain the skills to raise a mannerly and fun to live with family companion.

There is just so much nonsense on the web about puppy raising, for years I’ve read the current new wave of “100 % positive” puppy training books with dismay. Books that were of absolutely no value to the novice dog owner and indeed, by insisting that dog owners attempt to train their pets without ever using even the word “No”, no wonder the shelters are overflowing with dogs that their frustrated owners gave up on in despair because of their out of control behaviors.

For example: YouTube videos by the dozen instruct that if your puppy bites or chews on you or your furniture, redirect her with another object, one popular young trainer is shown tearing cardboard into small pieces and flinging them happily at the puppy he is supposedly training. The owner watches in dismay and the puppy? She’s in the back of the scene, pulling strips off the wicker couch. This on a video with over a million views, no wonder the shelters are overflowing with dogs that their owners finally gave up on in despair.

or is otherwise unruly and out of control, that you are forbidden to use the word NO, but instead as one delusional trainer recommended

”Leave the room until your puppy calms down”

A recent training article generated over

and watched

Written to help make life with your new puppy so much fun that you’ll wonder why you waited (and worried) so long before taking the puppy plunge!

I’ve condensed (crammed, jammed and otherwise stuffed) 1000’s of hours and decades worth of puppy raising, dog breeding, obedience training and veterinary technician experience into a fun and easy to read guide that I promise will make life with a new puppy loads more fun and much easier to navigate than you dreamed possible. A copy comes free with every Foxglove puppy but puppy owners of all breeds of dogs will benefit from the over 200 pages of puppy tips and helps in this ebook.

Answers for all your most urgent puppy training questions in one fun to read, kid-friendly guide.

How do I house train a puppy?

How often should I feed a puppy?

How old should my puppy be before neutering?

What about bathing?

What about “100% Positive” dog training, is even that possible? (The short answer is no)

  • Written with lots of fun watercolor illustrations by Vianne Chang to