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Foxglove Farm Pumpkin

Cavachon Puppies For Sale

Longing for Cavachon or Cavapoo puppy to call your own? Here are photos of Foxglove Farm's latest available puppies. If you fall in puppy love-contact us.

Foxglove Farm Pumpkin

sold out

Foxglove Farm Pumpkin


Ruby & White Girl Cavapoo Puppy Yes, baby “Pumpkin” is too adorable for words and don’t I know it! Two of these babies were more of the solid Ruby color but who minds when the cuteness is on overload like this!? I don’t know where to start, she’s perfectly darling in every respect. A bit busier than her bookend brother Candy Apple who is the philosopher in the family, Pumpkin is so confident of her ability to wrap all of us around her little velvet paws that she doesn’t have to be a philosopher lol! Such a loving puppy, a great choice if the kids will be wanting to take turns carrying the new baby around, she’ll fit right in. Size: Approximately 12 pounds grown.

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