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Why Cavapoochon?

Cavapoochons are offspring of a Cavachon & a Toy Poodle. Hypo-allergenic & non-shed. Forever looks like a puppy. Dependable, loving, happy dog for children.

Cavapoochon Puppy From Foxglove Farm

So what in the world is a cavapoochon?

Another of the Cavalier hybrids that forever looks like a puppy, the Cavapoochon, the offspring of a Cavachon mother & a Toy Poodle sire.  Very similar to both the Cavachon and the Cavapoo, the main difference I'm seeing is that the Cavapoochon's coat is just slightly more hypo-allergenic & non-shed, if that's a big issue for your family ie: someone is specifically allergic to dogs, then the Cavapoochon just might be the breed to make it possible for your family to have a dog after all!

They have the same fabulous temperament of their close cousin the Cavachon, sunny and cheerful, one of the truly most dependable and loving dogs with children.  Almost without exception, the Cavapoochon as well as the other Cavalier "designer dogs", are blessed with one of the best personalities you'll find in caninedom, one that will fit beautifully with children, other pets in your home, even that cranky kitty that is determined to have a dog free existence can sometimes be won over by the delightfully friendly and non-aggressive nature of these sweet small dogs.



We only occasionally have Cavapoochon's available. They usually find homes rather quickly.

Cavapoochon puppy from Foxglove Farm