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New Puppy Help

The Outdoor Portable Puppy Playpen/Potty Yard

Terry Cross

"Unfortunately, the leash and collar can be a real detriment to early house training efforts.  An easy solution is a portable yard that allows your new puppy a safe area to go potty without the distraction of the leash."

These little Ex-Pens are one of my favorite tools for puppy training! Extremely versatile, you can use them inside or outside.  Available in 24" or 36" height (almost all puppies are fine with 24" unless you have a puppy monkey on the premises).

Totally portable, they collapse quickly into an easy to carry 2' x 3' size. They can be combined in sets of two for a larger outdoor area, ensuring a safe spot for your puppy to not only romp and play and use up puppy energy (making for a better-behaved puppy 24/7).

An inexpensive Ex-Pen will give owners a convenient way to create a puppy safe zone that will help speed up the potty training because the added distraction of the leash and collar can make a puppy so busy scratching at that itchy feeling & jangling sounding equipment, that she completely forgets that she was supposed to go potty while she was outside. Though I start puppies on the basics with the leash, their young age before going home means most puppies are still in the very early stages of being comfortable on the leash.

Learning to "go" while on a leash will come with time, but you can speed the house training along by adding this inexpensive little gem of a puppy playpen to your puppy training toolkit!