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Agatha's Pet Wellness Store

Agatha's Pet Wellness is a great place to start building your healthy puppy. The best dog probiotics and other natural pet supplements and dog vitamins on the planet!


Keeping your puppy healthy

Probiotics for dogs

Why my dogs (and puppies take probiotics every day

I've been down that slippery path too many times and finally determined several years ago to find ways that would help keep my much loved dogs healthy, I tell Agatha's story here to perhaps help other dog owners do the same... Read More

Agatha Of Agatha's Apothecary

Cavachon puppy health needs


New Puppy Owner? Wondering what supplies you may need?

Look no further. We've prepared a Small Shop for our new puppy owners.

Build a healthy puppy for life with daily probiotics

start with a powerful probiotic

Science supports the use of high potency probiotics in both humans and their pets, I strongly believe the most important step you can take to protect and support the health of your dog is to give her a quality probiotic every day.   I've come up with what I believe is the highest potency and most beneficial blend of 10 live strains of probiotic on the market today. If you peruse dog probiotics on Amazon, you'll find nearly 20 pages of products listed, the vast majority of them making questionable claims, having minimal amounts of just a few CFU strains.

I have seen absolutely amazing results in numerous chronic health issues, stubborn ears infections resolved. Dogs with severe food and environment allergies that required routine injections of Cortisone to prevent hot spots and hours spent scratching and chewing at their itchy skin, able to go off their medications and skin and coat return to health.  I've seen tear staining, which can be so disfiguring to many breeds, completely disappear after using this potent yet completely safe and natural supplement.

If you don't take any other steps to protect the health of your pets, please at least put them on a good probiotic, I believe mine is the best, but regardless of what I believe, the science is there, probiotics can help your dog live longer, I believe that with all my heart.  Just ask Agatha..


Our probiotic is available on Amazon.


The only product of it's kind that is NOT made with high fructose corn syrup.

 If you check the ingredient label of every dog supplement in it's class, you'll see high fructose corn syrup listed as the first ingredient. Corn syrup has been increasingly called a "toxic additive" and it's use has been roundly discouraged in literally thousands of products.  Use in dogs has been found to raise blood sugar levels to dangerous highs and lows, in addition ingesting corn syrup can cause dogs and puppies to reduce calories.

 Agatha's Prebiotic Elixir a unique natural formula containing a nourishing blend of proprietary herbs, vitamins and minerals formulated in a delicious barley malt  apple cider syrup. Dogs love the taste and it offers the happy benefit of gently stimulating appetites while normalizing and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Use as a rich source of daily prebiotics, amazingly effective for dogs and puppies who need an extra level of support during times of stress, after surgery, illness, even traveling or before boarding and grooming. It's quite easily one of the most beneficial products I've found for animals who need extra calories and nutritional support during times of stress.

 Got a finicky eater? A half dropper of Agatha's  Prebiotic Elixir helps build a normal appetite, aids in digestion and can create a dog who looks forward to dinner time instead turning up her nose!

Available on Amazon.

These are early days for our new endeavor, in honor of my little Cavalier, I’ve named our product line “Agatha’s Apothecary” and the desire of my heart is that people who love their pets like I love my dear Agatha, will finally have the tools necessary to preserve the health & long-life of their four footed family members…. 
Kindest Puppy Regards, 
Terry Ellen Cross

NuVet Plus

I’ve invested a small fortune gathering a handful of the basics to keep our dogs healthy, and the first product in the arsenal is NuVet Plus. Packed with essential antioxidants & nutrients needed to bridge the gap in what is often lacking in a dog’s diet, NuVet Plus is a yummy chew-able liver flavored treat, loaded with enzymes, essential pure source vitamins and minerals and rounded out with a selection of natural herbs known to promote health and vitality in dogs.

You can’t find NuVet Plus in stores, it can only be ordered direct from the website: or you can call them at 1-800-474-7044 to order by phone.

If you use this order code 11982, not only will it give you a 15% discount for auto-ship, it will help as I continue to develop formulas to keep our dogs happy & healthy, I can’t wait to make them available to everyone who loves a dog…