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Prebioitc Elixir

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Prebioitc Elixir

Prebioitc Elixir


Agatha's Prebiotic Elixir, the only product of it's kind that is NOT made with corn syrup!

 If you check the ingredient label of every dog supplement in it's class, you'll see corn syrup listed as the first ingredient. Corn syrup has been increasingly called a "toxic additive" and it's use has been roundly discouraged in literally thousands of products.  Use in dogs has been found to raise blood sugar levels to dangerous highs and lows, in addition ingesting corn syrup can cause dogs and puppies to reduce calories.

 Agatha's Prebiotic Elixir a unique natural formula containing a nourishing blend of prebiotics, proprietary herbs, vitamins and minerals formulated in a delicious barley malt  apple cider syrup.

 Dogs love the taste and it offers the happy benefit of gently stimulating appetites while normalizing and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Amazingly effective used daily to provide a rich source of prebioitcs, or for dogs and puppies who need an extra level of support during times of stress, after surgery, illness, even traveling or before boarding and grooming.

It's quite easily one of the most beneficial products I've found for puppies and adult dogs an easy way to provide nutritional support while building a healthy immune system with quality prebiotics.

Got a finicky eater? A half dropper of Agatha's Elixir helps build a normal appetite, aids in digestion and can create a dog who looks forward to dinner time instead turning up her nose!

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