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Pet Flight Travel Nanny Service

Puppy Travel Nanny Service Airplane.png
Puppy Travel Nanny Service Airplane.png

Pet Flight Travel Nanny Service


Read my blog post on Puppy Travel to see pictures of the actual puppy flight process!

I’ve sent puppies via the airlines for many years with great success but I’m happy to announce that we are now using a Flight Nanny for each of our puppies to travel in style to their forever homes!

The Flight Nanny meets me at our airport, travels with the puppy under her seat on the way to baby’s new home. She meets the new family at the airport nearest their home and puppy is hand delivered to the excited family (who is waiting with baited breath and open arms!)

I’ve been super pleased with the service and the puppies agree! The only complication thus far is navigating through an airport with the cutest puppy on the planet in your arms!


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