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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

A Little Fixer Upper Puppy Love

Terry Cross

Magnolia puppy blog post

One of my favorite things is picking a theme for each new litter of puppies.  Unfortunately, according to husband John, I sometimes get a little carried away...

Cavapoo puppy

"Honey, would you hand Emmie Kay to me, I want to trim her paws they're getting too fluffy."

John stands looking more than slightly bewildered as the Cavapoo puppies tumble and bounce up and down like jumping beans, each hoping he'll pick them up for a cuddle: 

"Emmie Kay?  How can you tell them apart?"

Me: (patiently explaining the nuances of puppy markings to my husband who is SUCH a man...)

"Honey, see the little girl with the puff of white on the top of her nose, the little one with the white on her chest?"

Cavapoo puppy

He reaches down and picks up Jo Jo.

Cavapoo puppy

"No honey, that's Jo Jo, see she's got just a tiny bit of white on her nose, not a puff."  Look, Emmie Kay has the collar with the white posies."

Me: (pointing helpfully as the puppies spin in a ruby colored whirl.)

John (hopefully reaches down and scoops up Drake who is thrilled to be chosen next).

Me: (trying not to sound exasperated). 

"No honey, that's Drake, see the white flower on his collar?"

John:  "I thought you said Emmie Kay has the white flower collar?"

Me: (trying not to sound stressed,,,)

"Honey, Emmie Kay has the white POSEY collar, Drake has the white BURLAP flower collar."

John "I'm getting dizzy."

(beginning to break a sweat, he scoops Emmie Kay up and while peering closely at her collar and her nose)  

John: "You mean you can SEE there are about 10 more white hairs on her nose???

Me:  (also looking bewildered)  "Gosh yes, (pointing at Emmie Kay's nose) Can't you see the difference?  Jo Jo hasn't got even close to as much white on her nose.  And see the flowers?  Emmie Kay has posies cause they're more feminine than burlap, see what I mean?"

John; Sighing as he hands me Emmie Kay while trying not to roll his eyes in husbandly disbelief.

I do a bit of grooming and trim and happily neaten up puppy paws for a few minutes as hubby stands pondering the babies who are by now dismantling one another's collars.

Cavapoo puppy Chip Carter Gaines

Me:  "Now babe, let's trim Chip Carter Gaines."

John:  "WHO?"  Did you say Chip Carter Gaines? Please tell me you didn't name these puppies after that TV show.  Is that even legal?  Did you stop to consider that they might not appreciate having puppies named after them?"

Me:  Looking bewildered:  "Honey, how could anyone in the world mind having such darling babies named after them???"

"WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!" Chime in Ella Rose, Jimmy Don & Shiplap in unison...

Cavapoo puppies from Foxglove Farm
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