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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

A Little Pre-Puppy Panic

Terry Cross

Cavapoo Puppy Clint Harp

For those of you who wondered about our boys Waco & Clint Harp, yes, they're on the website and available again...  Clint Harp was literally on his way to the airport and his new home early last Friday morning when a bad case of GETTING A NEW PUPPY PANIC set in for his new owner who resides in an undisclosed western state. 

Puppy had been paid for and his health paperwork done, his flight booked and the journey to the airport was underway when in the rush to get to the airport on time I realized my ringer was turned off.  Alarmed, I saw several messages and a text on my phone and  quickly rang "Heather" (not her real name, of course, I know the poor woman was mortified) and found her almost reduced to tears with anxiety over getting her daughter this much-awaited puppy.

A very long story mercifully shortened, and baby Clint found himself back home and only slightly bewildered about his morning's adventure.  Thankfully, we connected and my puppy didn't make a long journey for naught, but I was sad for this lady, for her daughter and the joy that they were going to miss by allowing fear to crowd out what should have been a wonderful addition to their lives.  I told her that I hoped she'd try again sometime when she felt more able, and if you had fallen in love with Clint or Waco, they are available,,,, AGAIN.....  (Waco has yet another story to tell, but it's OK I love a good dog story!).

Cavapoo Puppy Waco