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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

A Little Puppy Pandemonium

Terry Cross

Foxglove Cavapoo Puppy

Don't let this demure little miss fool you!  The life of a puppy photographer is not always easy...  Our newest Cavapoo babies are beyond adorable, they truly are, but oh my goodness, what can happen when you add a few flowers and some ever so tempting bits and pieces within reach of a litter of puppies who've just woken up for a nap are are ready to PLAY!!!!

Cavapoo Puppy from Foxglove Farm
Cavapoo Puppy

Only by exerting all of the puppy training skills at my disposal (and bribery where needed) was I able to corral this fluffy little bundle into posing for just an instant so I could get that perfect puppy portrait to share with the world of puppy lovers out there!

Foxglove Farm Cavapoo Puppy for sale

Things continued in the same manner throughout our puppy glamour shot session...

Cavapoo boy puppy from Foxglove Farm
Cavapoo Puppy For Sale
Playful Cavapoo
Cavapoo puppy playing outdoors

Until I realized that all everyone needed was a chance to have some puppy fun!  

Cavapoo puppy playing

After MUCH running and romping and chasing of toys, all was peaceful in puppyville and everyone was ready for a nap,,, but not before just a few more puppy photos!

Beautiful Cavapoo Puppy

I'll be posting these darling puppy kids on Monday, they are just turning 11 weeks and will be ready for new homes next Friday.  If you are on the Cavapoo wait list, I'll be sharing photos this weekend so you can make your choice, fair warning, it won't be easy, they are all just too cute for words!

Natural Flea Remedy

If you have a puppy, sooner or later the dreaded campaign against fleas and ticks must begin. Please don't use toxic flea drops and dangerous chemicals on the pets you love!  I'm so proud of our Natural Flea Remedy, a gentle and completely safe first step in winning the war against pests, without poisoning your pets, your children or the planet!  It's a tasty powder you sprinkle over your pet's breakfast to make her unappealing to fleas and other pesties.  

Do me a favor if you try Natural Flea Remedy or any of Agatha's products, would you be a star and leave a nice review if you love them (which I know you will, they are all amazing!).

Natural Flea Remedy really is a fantastic, non-toxic way to keep fleas off your pets.  A recent customer raved that her dog no longer gets ticks (after a summer of fighting them every time they went on a walk!) but SHE does!  EEK!  Obviously, NFR is doing the job.  Sadly, it got our first 1 Star review on Amazon yesterday (after a long run of almost unanimous 5 Stars for every product) because a user who sounds like she had a flea infestation in her yard, blamed it for not ridding her dogs of fleas.

First, it's a preventative and needs to be started BEFORE there is an out of control flea epidemic. Anyway, it's a great product, it protects pets and people and I'd love it to get a fair chance to do the good it was created to do.

By the way, another customer with 5 dogs and a king sized flea problem last year, has not had a SINGLE FLEA this summer whooo hoo (she started it well before flea season began, the key to natural flea control success!!!  We just launched this great little product and I'd love it to get a loyal following and know that at least some of my puppy people are not exposing their families to scary carcinogenic products..  

Truly, it's so important to avoid toxic flea controls,,, be safe puppy people, be safe!!!

Warmest Wags,