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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

A Puppy Postscript

Terry Cross

Cavachon puppy with toy fox and raccoon.jpg

So I promised last night to have this litter of only FOUR puppies posted by noon today, but it'll be 1 o'clock dear Puppy Peeps!  And please don't panic, I have other puppies coming ready in about a week and finally, Cavapoos again in two weeks! 

(Sometimes I feel like a lone saleswoman, singlehandedly trying to handle the Black Friday rush in the world-wide-web of frantic puppy seekers). Speaking of the WWW, I’m waiting on a call from the Internet Police to tell me I’m not allowed to post TWENTY-SEVEN PHOTOS of any single puppy!!! 

Oh, but how could I not??? I make it my job to share with you dear Puppy People the heart and soul of each of these small creatures in my care. It’s my passion to capture the personality of each puppy clearly, with almost life-sized photos (LOTS OF THEM) with concise puppy bios to help each fluffy baby tell their story and find their own special people, the people who need them...

Cavachon puppy Chickadee.jpg

Puppies like our “Chickadee” the little mother of the group. A most earnest puppy with a heart of gold, she tends to the stuffed animals in her care like they are her babies (only occasionally nibbling thoughtfully on one when temptation strikes lol).

I don't envy anyone trying to navigate the web, searching by the hour for the perfect puppy for their family.  The good news is your job just got much easier. You could almost shut your eyes and choose a puppy from the litters I'm posting now and in the next few weeks. 

Good babies all.  Compliant and sweet-natured, without a strong-willed puppy kid in the lot.  (Take that you Pembroke Welsh Corgis! I've been there, trust me, when it comes to dogs, strong-willed is not where you want to go...


WHEW, I feel better,,, as I told sweet Sarah from Chicago this morning (who now has "Blue" on hold) I'll never forget the mom who called me and said it was finally time for her to get a puppy to enjoy, "now that the last of the kids were headed off to college"....