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Bonbons, Lemonade, and Puppy Bios

The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

Bonbons, Lemonade, and Puppy Bios

Terry Cross

I’m blaming it on Sylvester Longstocking…

I’m blaming it on Sylvester Longstocking…

(Don't tell anyone, but I forgot my DH's birthday is TOMORROW!)

I blame Sylvester Longstocking. He is so completely adorable, somehow I got caught up in taking his puppy pictures and plans for John’s birthday and the perfect birthday cake somehow drifted out of my thoughts in the midst of sweet puppy breath and the cutest eyebrows on the planet.

Cavachon Puppy with vintage roses

I had my day planned out so perfectly.

In my mind, I saw myself posting the new litter, a tall glass of lemonade at my elbow, maybe a bonbon or two close by, a fan blowing gently as laptop in hand I sorted happily through puppy pics and shared puppy bios one by one.

The reality?

Instead I've found myself running around like the proverbial chicken with no head, preparing for the friends who said they'd drop in tomorrow and alas, the promised puppy pictures were firmly shoved to the back burner as I vacuumed and polished floors and put away the mountain of laundry leftover from our vacation to make ready for my sweet fellow who truly deserves a wonderful thoughtfully planned out day to celebrate his birth.

I promise I didn't forget you patiently waiting souls, the ones I’d assured I’d be posting pictures of Mr Eyebrows and his siblings,,, TODAY...

Guilty images of my poor Puppy People searching vainly for the new pictures filled my thoughts. Parents refreshing their computer screens over and over. Piteous little children pleading, "Mommy! When can we see the puppies? You PROMISED we could get a puppy this time!"

It has not been a fun day believe me : 0 and I apologize profusely for the delay, I don't know why I thought tomorrow was TUESDAY, and John’s birthday one entire blissfully long day away,,, but actually it’s already WEDNESDAY and now I'm in the soup…

Sylvester Longstocking and friends.

Sylvester Longstocking and friends.

Not to worry, I’ll burn the midnight candle and cakes will be baked, puppies will make an incredibly adorable appearance and sugar plums will dance in children’s heads (oops, wrong holiday)…

And to all a good night…

Tri-Color Cavachon puppy