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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

December Puppies are Here!



Many of you know that I love to write, this little morsel of puppydom is the subject of a new children's book, "A Puppy's Christmas Wish", she simply had a story that begged telling and I was happy to be the one to tell it! 


Winter Robin or "Robin" as he's known here at home, is the loveliest puppy.  He's happy as can be to be in your lap, and will happily cuddle as long as you'll hold him but is a sporty little model too and can keep up with the most earnest get fit walk around the block you can come up with.

Kids clamoring for a Bassett Hound?  Hubby's got an eye on the neighbor's new litter of Lab puppies?  Do yourself a favor, run, don't walk to the phone and ring me to choose a canine companion!  I've seen it all (owned a boarding kennel almost 20 years, I reallllly have seen it alllll!).  The average family is in perilous danger of bringing home a puppy that will make everyone regret getting a dog in the first place.  Dogs can be a wonderful addition to the family OR not!  A great puppy will make your life as a dog-owner amazingly more enjoyable.  Get a great puppy & you'll probably want a second or even a third dog to add to the layers of family dog loving pleasure.

Enjoy the introductions