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Hearts of Gold

The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

Hearts of Gold

Terry Cross


I’m amazed at that journeys each of our puppies take after leaving their first home at Foxglove Farm. The stories I love most are ones that share the healing that comes from these small creatures with their incredibly loving hearts… A recent missive from Tami P. who along with her siblings, adopted “Hooper” as a gift for her parents, my silly little Hooper who “watched shark week” and made us smile every day…

Cavachon puppy with toy from Foxglove Farm.jpg

The "baby" is amazing! My dad named him Jax, he immediately bonded with my dad and mom. Two weeks after his arrival my dad went in for a “overnight” surgery. Six weeks later he was discharged to my care. There was an error with a wound vac (it was a knee replacement) and it created a large hole over his patella, exposing the bone. That required a muscle flap surgery. They over medicated him causing 2 quarts of blood to pool in the calf, requiring multiple surgery, full mobilization. Hence, he is in my care. I have a center that has hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers. The doctor wanted him in the chamber twice a day and round the clock IVs, so I moved him in my center. Hence, Jax has been basically at the center 18 hours a day. (I bring him home with me at night to let my parents rest without the worry of letting him out.) At the center we also have an autism program. and he has been with us every day for a "field trip" to visit the autistic kids at my center. No one can believe how wonderful he is with them, he is so smart. They adore him!! There are about 100 people in and out of the center daily, including about 40 children with autism as we have an autism program.

Everyone comments that he is the best puppy they have ever seen.

The adults and kids adore him. He sits at the front door waiting to greet everyone, then throughout the day goes down to the kids program and sits in music or plays in gym with them. He goes to the door when he needs to go out and someone grabs his leash and walk him. We have had several kids speak their first sentence to ask for Jax time. The kids also get to earn Jax time. He is beyond amazing, and I think the most socialized puppy ever. The building is about 28,000 sq feet and he has free access most of the time to go visit people.

Everyone loves him,,, he is the BEST!!

Cavachon puppy Jax.jpg
Cavachon puppy Hooper.jpg