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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

Learning To Be Gooood Dogs

Terry Cross

Cavapoo puppy training
Foxglove Farm Hyacinth the Cavapoo Puppy

This is the face of a reproachful puppy...

Poor Carrots and Hyacinth have been working hard on learning the puppy basics.

Cavapoo puppy playtime

Sometimes it's soooo hard to be good.

While some little people are quicker learners than others, these munchkins are super bright and very fast learners but poor things are so ready for warm weather and more play time outdoors, it's hard to be too focused on lessons.

They plead to go out and romp in the sunshine no matter how cold it is.

(It really CAN'T be snowing AGAIN mom!??)

The problem is nothing helps the learning process more than starting with a puppy who's had a chance to play and vent puppy energy so that they are more able to concentrate on boring things like "Sit" "Stay" and "Come"!  

"Awww mom!  WHY can't we go outside and PLAY!!???"

"Awww mom!  WHY can't we go outside and PLAY!!???"

Though nearly identical in looks, both with soulful dark eyes and silky strawberry coats. Hyacinth is definitely the more sincerely eager to please of the sisters but even she struggles at times.

Her sister Carrots is the comedian in the family.  An earnest sort of puppy as well, Carrots quickly learned to sit on command (at least part of the time). 

She has a beguiling little grin that she uses to great advantage when she thinks training time is running overlong.  If that coaxing gaze isn't enough she has other tricks up her puppy sleeve.

"I'm such a gooooood puppy mom : )"

"I'm such a gooooood puppy mom : )"

Including a snooze if things get too boring.

"I feel a nap coming on,,,"

"I feel a nap coming on,,,"

She's equally content to enjoy said nap in an upright or prone posture
(she says she can't be too choosy or she'll miss a nap opportunity).

"Shhh, I'm trying to sleep here people!"

"Shhh, I'm trying to sleep here people!"

"We must find ways to pass the time until Spring finally gets here!"

"We must find ways to pass the time until Spring finally gets here!"

(Click on Carrot's listing to see a cute video of her nap in progress Hyacinth's video is here lol : )

Cavapoo puppies for sale from Foxglove Farm

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