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Little Peas In A Pod

The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

Little Peas In A Pod

Terry Cross

Adorable Cavachon puppies from Foxglove Farm

I call them my little bookends.  Bella & Bullwinkle are sooooo much alike, I have to look hard to tell them apart.


This normally isn't a problem but when babies are leaving in the wee hours of the morning with a flight nanny, and my dear hubby hands me a little furry bundle to send off to their forever home, I realllllly don't want to get it wrong!

Cavachon Puppies Bullwinkle and Bella

Actually, Bullwinkle has more color on his right side, or is it his left?

Bullwinkle the Cavachon
Bella the Cavachon

And Bella has longer whiskers.

Bella a Cavachon puppy

All kidding aside, the little Peas send puppy kisses to all and promise when time comes to pack their puppy bags, Mama Terry knows exactly who her little charges are, longer whiskers or no!