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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

Cavachon and Cavapoo Puppy Cutie Pies from Past Litters : )

Terry Cross

Heaven's to Betsy!  

Posted the new little people this evening, and I'm astonished to say that at least 3 of the 5 are spoken for or pending, the first within minutes of appearing on the site!  I KNOW this will disappoint many of you who have been waiting for a puppy, the good news is we have planned several litters for November and December, there are puppies coming up after these so don't lose heart! 

I'm thinking I'll have to revisit the deposits option, as much as I don't want to...  We'll see, I truly believe that each puppy finds his or her way to the perfect home,,, sometimes it's a journey and I watch puppy people disappointed to miss a puppy, then find their PERFECT puppy a few months later.  It all works out eventually but sometimes there's a bit of drama along the way.

Enough of my rambling on for this evening,,, if you miss these babies, let's try this.  Email me and put PUPPY WAIT LIST in your subject line?  Let's see if that will make matters a bit easier for those who are really hoping for a puppy sooner rather than later.

Apologetic Wags,


For those kind folks out there who enjoy my writing, we're in the midst of moving my blog to a new site with a much more user-friendly experience. 

Watch for an upcoming announcement and news about a fun new column called "Ask Agatha" for your questions on everything related to dogs from the best age to neuter a puppy to how to make healthy additions to your dog's diet, to how to introduce a new puppy to your older dog.  I love helping dog owners live great lives with their pets so join me in becoming the best owner you can possibly be!