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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

One Of My Favorite Doggie Adventures

Terry Cross


Isn't fall almost everyone's favorite time of year?  The weather in Ohio has been getting crisp and the geese fly far overhead on their journey to warmer climes.  If you missed this doggie tale of canine encounters with feline intruders, settle in for a tale of doggie darling that will have you ready to take a camping trip of your own.  Most of my dogs have sooner or later become fast friends with any feline visitors they met, with just a few notable exceptions!  Read More:

Bonsai Comes Home To Stay.png

Speaking of dog stories, if you have little people in the house and love reading to them, don't miss this bittersweet story about a little dog who finds love when it seems all is lost. 

Bonsai Comes Home To Stay will help little people learn about love and compassion and caring gently for the pets they live with.

Kids LOVE Bonsai!  One puppy person told me her granddaughter took Bonsai along to school for a project to read to her class.  The children Enjoyed it so much they made her read it TWICE!  Love it!

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