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The Puppy Post Blog

The Puppy Post Blog is written for lovers of dogs of all ages.  

Puppy Journeys

Terry Cross

Puppy travel graphic with airplane and cute puppy

Worried about shipping your puppy? Pet Flight Nannies make sure your puppy has an amazing journey home!

Puppy travel and shipping

Puppy travel has changed a lot (thank heavens). Though for years we safely sent puppies to their families using the major airlines and I admit they did a fantastic job of delivering our puppies, I always felt a little worried until each baby made it to home and to their final destination.

Those days are gone and there’s a new generation of pet travel that allows puppies to travel with their own attendant, in cabin for the entire journey and I'm totally in love with the service.

They’re called flight nannies, and they make a living navigating puppies to their new homes, allowing puppies to travel in the cabin with their own nanny who keeps them by her side for the entire trip.  No need to worry about how your puppy will make her journey to her new home.  Here's how it works; Splash a red-headed bundle of puppy charm is leaving tomorrow for his forever home with his owners in New Orleans.

Puppy getting ready for flying to her new home.

Early tomorrow morning, after his bath and a moment to say goodbye (and several puppy potty breaks for baby) I’ll drive with Splash to the airport in Columbus and meet our flight nanny. She comes prepared with a roomy bag so she can take Splash’s puppy kit (stuffed with toys and puppy food, shot records, bandanas, samples of shampoo, Agatha's Elixir, a baby blanket toy, collar and lead, a tiny brush etc, way too many goodies I'm sure). 

Puppy in carrier ready to fly on airplane
Puppy traveling in airplane cabin with flight nanny

Puppy ride in an under the seat sized carrier, it opens on the top so they can sit up and have a peek at the big new world all around them.

The nanny will travel with Splash in the cabin where he will spend part of his journey snoozing under the seat and part in her lap gazing in wonder out the window of the airplane. Here’s a recent baby getting ready to board, not entirely sure about this new place but excited nonetheless.

Special Note: Please Puppy People, don’t wrap your puppies in cotton wool, let them gain the experiences they’ll need to be well-socialized & well adjusted canine companions later in life : )

To help calm your fears, I’m sharing some of the amazing photos I’ve recieved from the nannies.

I love seeing the expressions on puppy faces, they look calm and comfortable and are getting an excellent introduction to travel and loads of great socialization on the way.

Positive experiences are so important for young puppies and this kind of experience can help make traveling second nature for your dog and something she’ll enjoy thanks to her early “training” on that first journey to her new home.

A flight attendant enjoying a few puppy kisses from a recent puppy flight.

A flight attendant enjoying a few puppy kisses from a recent puppy flight.

Puppies meet lots of people along the way and occasionally a flight attendant even takes a moment to enjoy a few puppy kisses.

More layers of really great socialization, good good good training and a priceless early education for any puppy.

Of course all puppies are well vaccinated and ready for travel before they leave home. By the way, your puppy is typically not at risk by being around adult vaccinated pets and vaccinations are very effective protection when given on a proper schedule.

Puppy flight nanny text.png

The nanny communicates via text messages and if there’s time on the journey, shares photos and updates all along the route.

Lots of emoticons are exchanged, it’s an exciting day for all and the puppies gain an excellent layer of socialization and a low stress and enjoyable introduction to traveling that they’ll benefit from for a lifetime.  


And a beautiful ending to this puppy journey!

Puppy in airport with delighted new owner