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Puppy Blog

Welcome to Foxglove Farm, I love to write about our beautiful Cavachons. You may also find puppy training tips, product reviews, and a few good stories.

January 2016

Terry Cross

A Prayer For The New Year

Foxglove Farm Blog on Faith
Blog post Foxglove Farm

I stand looking out the kitchen window, watching the icy wind tossing the tree limbs. I think she’s decided that it’s high time winter made her appearance this year.  I can feel snow coming, the air has gotten steadily colder all morning and the clouds look laden.  There’s a freezing rain that is coating the trees in crystal, Ohio begins winter in earnest.


My small fox friend is the current window-sill companion, they change seasonally & I'm always glad of the small presence there.

She gazes steadily ahead, enjoying the Snowflake scented geranium at her heels I’m sure.

Foxglove Farm blog post image

I sometimes bounce ideas her way, she doesn’t comment much but she’s good faithful company nonetheless.  

Foxglove Farm Dog Blog
Cardinal at Foxglove Farm

The birds are flocking in to the feeders, a sure sign that the weather is changing and that this icy rain might turn into a beautiful snowfall perhaps by this evening. The birds always know and and we’ve learned to take note when they flock to the feeders in hungry little groups.

A beautiful Cardinal stares wistfully at the bird tray, he’s a bit more timid than the other birds and it takes him a while to gather enough courage to come down to the feeders, he must be a newcomer, our more familiar bird guests are not so shy.  I know that within a few days he’ll realize that good things are always waiting at the feeder and not spend so much time being wet & forlorn.

Foxglove Farm Blog Post Image

As I stand and reflect on the year that has passed, on the friends new and old that have come to Foxglove Farm, so many of them through my Inbox.  Letters and photographs from my Puppy People of years past.  Stories of the much-loved, now all grown up puppies.  

Puppies who are now doing the job I raised them to do, bring a large measure of puppy joy to each family they've gone to.

Foxglove Farm blog image

I find myself offering prayers that the Lord would bless those kind people.  The many families that have come our way with His richest blessings.  I send up prayers for people I may never meet face to face.

Prayers for so many of whom I’ve only come to know over the phone or perhaps in their heartfelt letters.  The people who send sometimes send gifts or Christmas cards & photos that shine with the love for the puppies I’ve raised over the years. The love that I've been privileged to have had a small part in bringing to their lives.  

And so, I pray for each of you, that God would bless your lives.

Your homes.  

Your families with love.          

Blog Post image Foxglove Farm

That you would be loved.

That you are given love every single day and more importantly?  

That you show love to those in your path every single day, for that is where we find healing.

I pray that you find hope.

Foxglove Farm Blog Post picture

Hope for when the days are dark,

and we all have them don’t we?

On the days that are perhaps filled with doubt, that you will the hope that brings peace in spite of doubt and fear.

And most of all, I pray that He will shine in your hearts and give you the most important thing of all, faith.

Foxglove Farm Blog post about faith

Faith in Jesus Christ is what changed my life forever.  

Faith changed me.

Faith in Christ changed my husband John.

Foxglove Farm blog post picture

Then, faith changed our marriage, our home, faith in Jesus transformed our lives.  

When I found Christ, or rather, He found me, I found that love that I so longed for, the hope that I lacked, I found the faith that changed everything.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 3:16

Blog post on Faith

And so, my prayer for you my dear puppy people,  is that you find faith, you find Christ, and that He fills all your empty places, that he brings you the love & hope and faith in him that changes everything.

Some of you will be offended and that makes me sad,

but my prayer is that some of you,

those who are empty inside,

in spite of all the efforts to fill those empty places.

Those who are seeking, especially when you stop and think is this world all there is?  

What happens when it’s over and I leave this life?  

Is there a Heaven to gain?

Is there really a Hell to miss?

So, though I know some of you will unsubscribe, some will turn away angry, some will just wonder what all the fuss is about.  

Perhaps though, for someone, a miracle will occur, like it did for me when I found Him.  If just one person begins that journey with Christ, I will rejoice that I had a small part in bringing a Love that will last for all eternity.

Faith in Jesus Christ Blog Post

And so I go one step further, my daddy met Billy Graham many years ago, and ended up finding Christ, getting saved, beginning that same journey to healing and hope.  Here’s a link to Billy’s site, where salvation & heaven, our need for a savior, all your questions can be answered.

There's even a simple prayer, much like the one I prayed those long years ago, to show you how to ask Jesus into your heart and life.

I pray with all my heart now, that you will hear His call and open  your heart to that matchless love.

Very Kindest Puppy Regards,


PS If you pray and ask Jesus into your heart, I’d love to know about it so I can keep you in my prayers, please write and share the good news with me.

Foxglove Farm blog picture

I LOVE It When Parents Get Great Puppies For Their Kids!

Terry Cross

Cavachon Review
Foxglove Farm Review

Hi Terry! Just a quick note to tell you Pepper ("Icing") is doing great. We love having her in the family! My photographer friend, Martha Schickler, emailed some pictures to us this morning and I wanted to pass them along to you. They were taken a while back (before shaggy Pepper's first puppy cut). I also included a few lower-quality but more recent shots. I especially love the one in which my daughter's friends are gushing over her adorable pup ;) 

At home, my energetic daughter delights in wearing Pepper out with a lot of play time, after which one of my older boys will gladly share his space on the couch for a snuggle and a snooze. 

Cavachon Puppy Review

We have also enjoyed taking Pepper to her weekly "puppy kindergarten" class where we have learned a lot about positive training and that, to our absolute delight, Pepper is very easy to train! She knows the commands sit, come, shake, roll-over, down, and drop it. She most recently learned to not jump up on people for attention but to sit and wait for them to come to her (hooray!) AND she now rings a bell to go potty!

Pepper loves her weekly "puppy play time hour" with the same trainer. Her favorite thing is to rumble in the ball bath with "Teddy," the toy poodle. It's amazing how Pepper remembers who her buddies are from the previous week and will go to them immediately. It has been a highlight for my family to watch her here - we are proud of our confident and social pup! 

Upon hearing stories from the other owners at these classes, I am especially grateful for the wonderful start Pepper got with you. We really appreciate that she came to us crate-trained, socialized, and prepped for housebreaking. 

Thanks again, Terry! I am so grateful I stumbled upon your website and will recommend Foxglove to anyone who inquires :) 

In Gratitude,

the Williams Family

Agatha Goes Camping

Terry Cross


We decided to take a much-needed mini-vacation, it’s been a couple of years since we’ve really taken a break.  With Christmas fast approaching and it’s typically rather frantic pace, now was the time to get away for a bit.  Before the annual pleas from parents besieged with cries for a puppy and letters from puppy craving children begin to fill my Inbox.

vacation Agatha 8 (1).jpg

Ohio outdoes herself as fall begins to wane, the trees have been amazing, and I know that they’d best be enjoyed for the first snows are not far away.

20151029_095417 (1).jpg

Agatha loves a road-trip, especially since we usually take an assortment of things along to make meals in the evenings, a few snacks that catch her attention the moment they come out of the bag.

20151028_163209 (1).jpg

The first night we decided on a movie and, of course, popcorn.  I try to keep our diet reasonably healthy, but occasionally, we all need popcorn.

Agatha on vacation blog post

Agatha so agrees...

20151028_120931 (1).jpg
20151029_100833 (1).jpg

To make up for our evening caloric excesses, we decide to try some exploring.  The little farm where our cabin is situated borders a state forest, perfect for a hike and Agatha dances happily, ever ready to check the perimeter of any dwelling for possible intruders.  She’s already been patrolling the interior, watching carefully out each door just in case she has to deal with a situation.

Suddenly, in the midst of our getting jackets on for a much-needed bit of exercise, we realize that taking Agatha along might be a problem.

The problem with this plan is that that our charming cabin comes equipped with it’s very own resident outdoor cabin cat.

20151126_113722 (1).jpg

A very capable looking cabin cat, complete with very sharp dog dispatching claws.  An exceedingly fierce cat who we watched dispatch the little dog from next-door with cat-like efficiency.

Agatha has never seen a cat.  I don’t know how we’ve missed this part of her canine education, we had a cat years ago, but he went to cat heaven long before Agatha arrived as a puppy.

Sure enough, as we try to sneak out through the back door to avoid Agatha meeting the cat face-to-face, the inevitable happens and our plan begins to fall apart in several very important ways.

First because cabin cat (who has begun to grow in my fertile imagination into a small panther), spies us coming innocently out the door. (Skulking out his door is how the cat termed it I’m sure).


Agatha see’s her first glimpse of a real live cat.

Agatha wants to see the cat, close up, very close up.

agatha goes camping5.jpg

Little does my small dog realize that this particular cat is perfectly willing and able to dispatch one small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog with the greatest of cat ease.

Husband and I retreat to the kitchen to decide our next plan of action while aforementioned Cavalier stands at the screen door hurling insults at the now snarling cabin-panther-cat.

My Hero, (also known as my husband John), decides to do a bit of dispatching of his own, and sends cabin cat off the deck in a cloud of dust.  After all, he reasonably reminds me, we are paying a rather exorbitant amount to enjoy this cabin, not wrangle dog hating cats.

cat takes a hike

With the cat happily off hunting dogs in greener pastures, we managed a rather brisk hike up the gigantic mountain (hill) behind the cabin.  Agatha did a lot of pulling us strongly along at the end of her lead, scouting behind every tree for her new enemy.

agatha on a walk

Thankfully, we were able to complete our hike and get back to the safety of our cabin with no serious cat/dog encounters for which I was exceedingly thankful.

Agatha is napping, in her favorite position, with head on her paws, so she won’t miss a possible snack event. A large leaf hangs off her ear, a reminder of her victorious afternoon.


She snores loudly, dreaming I’m sure of tomorrow and another chance to show that cat what a real dog looks like.


I turn on the porch light and there sits her nemesis with a satisfied look on his feline face.  He’s been washing his paws daintily, obviously pleased with himself after a hard day’s work. After all, tomorrow is another day he says.


Autumn Pansies Shine

Terry Cross


The pansies are making a last brave stand, little faces all bright and full of hope.  I can’t bear to tell them that it’s high time I got the Christmas greens up, that the pumpkins (who they coordinated beautifully with by the way), are long gone to the compost bin where all good pumpkins should go.  And though we’ve had a few hard frosts & the weekend forecast is calling for snow, the pansies bloom on.  

And so, while I’ve brought a few things out to begin to celebrate the season of His birth, I wait patiently for the cycle of the year to unfold, to wake one morning and find my little friends all laid low by the cold that must surely come because even small beauties are important and must be applauded no matter how inconvenient I consider their timing.

Even the puppies know that the season is changing, they turn little noses up while out playing, for all the world like they are scenting the air, sensing that winter will soon keep them bundled inside, and these lovely long afternoons to play in the sunshine had best be enjoyed to the fullest.


But for now, the pansies shine bravely on and I applaud their cheery welcome every time I step out the kitchen door, for I will surely miss the little things after winter's snow has put them in their beds until the spring, yes, I will miss them when they are gone.

Homeward Bound

Terry Cross

Foxglove Farm

Fall is nearing it's last golden days, always a poignant time of year for me, my favorite in some ways, but a time that brings it's portion of sadness.  Watching the leaves falling, falling, I realize that spring is still far far away, that many months of winter's cold are ahead.  Winter with her own white beauty, an ambiguous time none-the-less.  

Agatha races up the long hill towards the house, far ahead of me.  Her ears flying, her feet skimming the ground like those of a much younger dog.  She dances to a halt halfway up to the top and turns facing me with eyes dancing with joy.  She loves our evening walks, and as we get close to home she turns the last quarter mile into a self-appointed race to the kitchen door.  She stands with plumed tail awag, panting a bit, as if to say "come on mom, isn't this fun, we're almost there!"

I went to see mother at the nursing home today.  I've made her room as pleasant as pictures and cozy blankets, autumn flowers and a whole host of guilt-appeasing purchases can make it.  Outside her sunny window, I've placed feeders for her beloved birds, even a large window box (which I'm sure is not allowed) full of fall pansies, blooming.  Cheery orange and purple little faces all oblivious to the sadness within those walls.

Mother's dementia and heart failure have made it out of the question for her to be anywhere but there in that place.  They are kind to her, I visit often, I come, always bearing gifts.  She finds forming a sentence nearly impossible these days, and I sit beside her, trying to make her laugh, trying to reach inside that crowding darkness.

And so I walk up the long hill home, and I watch my good dog Agatha.  I think of life and how wonderful it is, how heartbreakingly beautiful, how full of sorrow.  I look at Agatha and childless, I mourn what I know will be the soon loss of my mother, I watch my little dog and wonder how many days I will have her at my feet for comfort.

This isn't really the place for soul-searching perhaps, for such heartfelt ponderings.  But we all have our griefs don't we?  It is our human condition.  Oh, but I look toward the sky and as the sun sets in a blaze of purple-golden light, I think of Heaven.  I know mother will be freed soon from her sad time of waiting.  I know that I can trust Him with Agatha, with all the burdens of my heart. And I'm comforted, by the thought of mother tucked into her bed tonight with a cozy blanket, with her little stuffed dog at her side.  I'm comforted as my good dog, Agatha, dances with eyes alight, saying clearly that it's time to go back home.

Holly Says Hi Mama Terry!

Terry Cross

Cavachon "Holly" From Foxglove Farm

Hi Mama Terry!
Do you remember me???  I am such a good girl and Mommy and Daddy are crazy about me.  We thought you would like to see me in my super scary witch costume.  Nobody seems to be afraid but I do get extra pats and cookies.
Hugs and Kisses,
Holly Judy

Barley's A Bit Of A Comical Creature!

Terry Cross

Foxglove Farm Barley

Foxglove Farm 2014 Alumni
Barley is being himself for Halloween - a real clown!  Life with Barley just gets better and better every day. He is so smart and learns very quickly. Wish he had a brother or sisterto play with.

Thank you Terry for our priceless baby.

Debra Baars