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How we do Puppy Shipping

Worried about shipping your new little one? Fret not! Our Cavachon puppies are very well socialized and typically arrive with tiny tails wagging joyfully.

Shipping Bundle

Please don't fear shipping your new puppy!  My veterinarian says that a short flight is much easier than a long car ride for a small puppy.  If you are within 3 or 4 hours tops, you are welcome to pick your puppy up at Foxglove. A longer journey than that & I highly recommend flying.  Puppies are hand carried and NOT put down with the luggage but are only flown on planes that have a puppy area (usually 2 puppies per flight, air-conditioned & temperature controlled).  Puppies travel in a cozy crate filled with shreddies, soothing lavender essential oil a rope bone toy made from their baby blanket & more.  I've seen videos of our puppies taken upon arrival and tails are wagging and puppy kisses bestowed moments after arrival!  One of the girls at the United counter told me recently that when they open the cabin to bring puppies into the office, they are almost always sound asleep, she said the hum of the motor lulls them to sleep and I totally agree.



Worried about shipping your new little one???

Fret not!  Our Cavachon puppies are very well socialized and typically arrive with tiny tails wagging and puppy kisses happily bestowed!  

Enjoy the charming video taken of the first few moments after a Foxglove Cavachon puppy "Lucy" arrives after a short flight to Dulles!  


  • Includes Airfare to any US destination.
  • Premium Pet Taxi (You'll use this for house-training your new little one!)
  • Puppy Vaccination Folder
  • Tiny puppy collar, choose Lavender, Fuchsia,  Parrot Green or Teal!
  • Royal Canin Puppy Kit
  • Royal Canin Puppy Food
  • Puppy Baby Blanket Toy
  • (made from puppy baby blanket to snuggle with in his new home)
  • Stuffed Squeaky Animal
  • Mr Frog, Tiny Bear or Little Elephant
  • Color Photo of your new puppy
  • Bandanna for dress-up!

Complete Shipping Bundle - $299.00