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Foxglove Farm Cavachon And Cavapoo Puppies

Foxglove Farm has beautiful Cavachon and Cavapoo puppies for sale, mom pleasing  easy to train and absolutely adorable!

 SHHH!  Don't Tell ANYONE!  New Litter OF CAVACHONS Posted! & 2 CAVAPOOS puppy kids

Cavachon Puppies for sale


Foxglove Farm is home to some of the most Beautiful easy to love Puppies on the planet!

Foxglove Farm is known for having absolutely gorgeous Cavachon puppies, (and an occasional Cavapoo as well) our puppies are not inexpensive, but my passion for raising exceptional dogs is exceedingly clear and more importantly my skill in placing great puppies in loving homes shines in the faces of every puppy I sell.

The goal?  To raise not only the most beautiful, but the most loving and loyal, easy to train puppies found anywhere, to hear from my puppy people that those puppies are still bringing PUPPY JOY for years and years after they arrive in their new homes!  

Thank you for visiting our site, please contact me if I can help you find YOUR perfect puppy!

To See Our Currently Available Cavachon & Cavapoo Puppies Click HERE

Foxglove Farm Mascot

Praise for foxglove farm We Love Our Cavachon!

"...We absolutely LOVE him. He is just the greatest little puppy! Jim takes him out in the morning before I get up and then I hear the stampede of little paws running up to get in bed with me for a snuggle before we start the day!

He loves to be right by our side but sleeps easily through the night and never complains about going to bed in his crate. He wags his tail so hard he pretty much knocks himself off balance! His disposition is just so sweet and he is really easily corrected. I think he just got a really great start to life.

Our twins could not be more thrilled with him and are learning how to live gently with a little puppy. He already knows how to sit and shake! He has a new buddy in the neighborhood, Monty the Maltipoo : ) Anyway, thanks again for your hard work getting him ready to come to us! Everyone asks us what kind of dog he is and where we got him!  

Stephanie Whittaker and family!

Foxglove Cavachon Banner

What's a Cavachon?  Haven't heard of Cavapoos? hypoallergenic exceedingly loving and beautiful Family pets!

Looking for the perfect puppy for your family?  Have you run into someone in the local dog park walking a Cavachon and found yourself absolutely smitten by the adorable super friendly little dog that had your anti-dog hubby asking for the number of the breeder where he came from?  The neighbors kids just came over with their new Cavapoo puppy and now your kids are on a campaign to get one of their own?  

What's all the fuss about you ask?  

What in the world IS a Cavachon?

What's a Cavapoo?

Why is everyone raving about what great family dogs they make? 

Find out why our puppy people are our biggest fans and why dozens of them have sent family and friends with instructions that Foxglove Farm is the only place to go if you want a great puppy!

(You can read more reviews here.)

" ... I train an awful lot of puppies and I wanted to let you know that one of your puppies is one of the brightest ones I have worked with. He learns incredibly quickly and is just a pleasure. I will be happy to refer clients who are looking for puppies to you in the future! "                                                                      Tanzi Leary, CPDT-KA, PMCT  Baltimore MD

Puppy Training eBook New Puppy 101

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My other passion after raising the best puppies on the planet?

Years working as a veterinary technician were invaluable for an inside look at pet health and how many of the ways we care for them makes them ill and subject to expensive veterinary interventions.  Those years gave me a burning desire to provide pet owners the probiotics and supplements to help their dogs and cats stay well, I founded Agatha's Apothecary because after raising amazing family pets, my mission is to help those puppies grow up to be healthy dogs.   

Our dogs face more health challenges than ever before.  From excess vaccinations to chemically treated lawns & monthly (toxic!) flea drops, whether or not you get a Foxglove Farm puppy, please spend some time learning the simple steps you can take to help your new puppy live a longer healthier life!   

"Thank you for your dedication to developing a holistic approach to treating our 4-legged family members!"

                                                                                                        Kelly Esquivel - Colorado

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Cavachon's are simply the most wonderful family pets & don't miss our cavapoos the other cavalier hybrid to swoon for!

Cavachon Puppy Banner
  Hello Puppy People!   I'm so happy you stopped by today. Foxglove Farm is home to some of the sweetest, most beautifully adorable puppies on the planet! Terry


Hello Puppy People!  

I'm so happy you stopped by today. Foxglove Farm is home to some of the sweetest, most beautifully adorable puppies on the planet!


Foxglove Farm Cavachon Mascot
Cavachon Puppy
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