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Happily Ever After

Foxglove Farm Wagglemeister Can't Wait To Go To The Dog Beach With David!

Terry Cross

Cavapoo puppy Wagglemeister

Medium Ruby Cavapoo Boy Puppy  Oh here's a total character for the puppy seekers out there!  Exceedingly handsome brother to our Ajax & Gabriel, he's the middle in personality, a bit more outgoing and full of personality, he'll entertain your company over spring break and have everyone clamouring to know where you got that amazing puppy!!!  Gorgeous curly coat, he'll be a super non-shed addition to the family, take that you Chow Chows out there!  Non-shed is SOOOO WONDERFUL!!!  Just the best sort of family dog, friendly, happy, sweet, playful but not over the top, (hear that ye Goldendoodles??), smart puppies are SUCH a pleasure!

Foxglove Farm Blitzen Adds More Puppy Love To Michelle's Life In Michigan!

Terry Cross

Cavachon Puppy from Foxglove Farm

My sweet little Blitzen went to Michigan, happy in the arms of her new owner Michelle & riding alongside of Penny (Michelle's first Cavachon love), who wasn't entirely sure about this new puppy idea!  I know Penny will come around in a few days and before all is said & done, she'll be a fan too of her beautiful little Bi-Color baby sister!  Dogs are just wired to enjoy the company of other dogs and Blitzen has the perfect temperament to be a great second dog, I know they will be sharing the couch together before the week is out!

Foxglove Farms Clarissa Heads To Greensboro Bringing A Heart Full Of Puppy Love!

Terry Cross

Cavapoo Puppy

They don't come much more adorable than our little Clarissa, a beautiful red coat that has accents of snowy white.  She promises to be super hypoallergenic and non-shed with all those curls and waves the perfect kind of coat if you are allergic to all things doggie!  

Love her coloring, such a rich dark mahogany, what I call Irish Setter red, just a gorgeous color.  Her personality is a delight as well, affectionate and loving, she's not a bit timid and loves everyone instantly, even cats & their kin.  She's super smart and will prove an intelligent and super social little miss.  I love her affectionate social nature, she's sunny and cheerful but a snugglebug extraordinaire, the perfect combination puppy!

Foxglove Farm Ajax, A Child's Puppy Dream Come True!

Terry Cross

Cavapoo from Foxglove Farm


What a cool puppy our "Ajax is!  He's totally gorgeous, with that blazing red coat (full of curly, wavy non-shed wonderfulness!), that handsome face (what cute ears!), He's a mid-size model and perfect if you've an active home and have been pondering a Labradoodle!(Yikes!)  Tap that button nose to learn more : )

Super social, he's a child magnet yet cuddles too, how great is that, fun and playful but happy to curl round your feet while you enjoy the LAST season of Downton Abbey, sigh....

Foxglove Farm Gabriel

Terry Cross

Cavapoo Puppy from Foxglove Farm


Small Cavapoo Ruby & White Boy Puppy  Ahhh, our gentle little soul, baby "Gabe" (my favorite name for little boy puppies like this one!) is a puppy bundle of the most precious sort. Not for homes with rollicking revelers, he's a rather laid-back sort of puppy.  He's playful and fun, but really loves someone to hold him and tell him what a good fellow he is.  e'll be a special kind of companion, tagging along happily at your heels, riding in the car to the beach for some sea air, I can just see him sitting up in the passenger seat, wearing a matching little collar and lead, dosing with his muzzle on someone's hand as they drive, or better still tucked in their lap, making not a sound so he can ride along and keep company.