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Cavapoos, in addition to their absolutely stunning coat color, inherit the brightness and trainability of the Poodle and the loving nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, making the Cavapoo a very hypo-allergenic, trainable small dog.

what is a Cavapoo?

Cavapoo puppy

Cavapoo puppy

What is a Cavapoo?  

Is the cavapoo a good family dog?  

Adorable Cavapoo puppy

Adorable Cavapoo puppy

Here's all you ever wanted to know about these amazing little cavalier hybrids!

I've been raising beautiful dogs for many years and as my faithful Puppy People know, I love not only a dog that is delightful on the inside, but a  canine companion that is equally beautiful on the outside!  In addition to their absolutely stunning coat colors, the Cavapoo brings the brightness and trainability of the Poodle (think show dog Poodles please!) along with equally stellar coat qualities for allergy sufferers and those who'd like to own a dog without having to live on Claritin!  I've had many clients over the years who are looking for a hypoallergenic, non-shed puppy.  Human allergy sufferers, whether they be allergic to dogs or not, need a hypoallergenic puppy, a Cavapoo is often a great solution to that doggie dilemma!

  • Smaller size, family friendly

  • Great with children

  • Make great second dogs if you already have a canine (or a cat!)

  • Exceptionally hypoallergenic and non-shed

Comparing the Cavapoo and Cavachon

I get asked to compare the Cavapoo with the Cavachon a lot and my honest answer has to be that I probably prefer the Cavachon a tiny bit over the Cavapoo.  Surprised? I love both of these fluffy breeds of course, they each have so much charm and indeed both are wonderful choices for just about any situation.  There are always differences in any breed hybrids and here are the ones I’ve noted over the years working with them.  

  • Cavachons are generally, are a bit quieter and don’t bark much (sorry, it’s true!). The Cavapoo, like the Poodle, can be a bit on the noisy side of things. You'll need to keep a firm hand with your Cavapoo puppy to help her understand that good dogs are quiet dogs. Totally an issue that proper training can solve (I even wrote a book to help guide the way).

  • Cavachons are somewhat more laid-back which I love. Both are athletic and sporty and fun but Cavachons can also dial down the energy and make great couch potato when needed.

  • The Cavapoo can be wonderfully relaxed and calm too, but usually after puppyhood you’ll see those desirable easy going characteristics become more pronounced as the silly puppy stage is over in a relatively short period of time.

  • The Cavapoo is a wonderfully entertaining and fun little dog, just be prepared for a bit of extra work on your part temporarily, especially in puppyhood.

  • Some Cavapoo puppies tip the scale on the more sedate side of things canine. Temperament can vary from litter to litter, from puppy to puppy, but most end up making delightful and intuitive family dogs who their owners adore!

Is the Cavapoo larger or smaller than the Cavachon?

Actually, sometimes the Cavapoo is larger, sometimes the Cavachon tips the scale and ends up the bigger dog.  On average I'd say our Cavachons range from 8 to 11 pounds for the smaller Toys and 12 to 16 pounds or so for the larger Toy or small Standard size.  Occasionally I see Cavachons that will range 18 to 25 pounds, not too often but once in awhile.

How big is a cavapoo?

Don't let size alone be the deciding factor.  On average, the Cavapoo puppy will mature to between 10 and 15 pounds.  If you want a slightly larger size adult, occasionally we have a litter of Cavapoo puppies who will get a bit larger, up to about 16 pounds to 18 or 20 pounds.  Though small in stature, they are still hardy and enjoy busy family life from the beach to the mountains, they are adaptable and fit beautifully in any number of situations.

Is The Cavapoo a good family dog?

I'd have to say that there are only slight differences between the Cavapoo and the Cavachon in regards to temperament.  They are both very people oriented, and are born with the makings of superb family pets.  The Cavapoo is probably a bit more energetic as a puppy than the Cavachon, and that can vary a bit from litter to litter, but in general, Cavapoos have the spirited happy demeanor of the Poodle, especially as babies.  They quickly grow into a dog that enjoys both time on the couch or a walk round the block to try out that Fitbit!

Cavapoo Puppy From Foxglove Farm

How Is the Cavapoo with children?

The Cavapoo loves children, they are playful and sunny in disposition and active enough to play happily with the kids until everyone is worn out and ready to come in and work on that homework, the Cavapoo makes great study buddies!

Very outgoing and yet devoted, they are great dogs to consider for service dog candidates.  The Cavapoo is so affectionate that they are dependable with small children and yet can be sporty and fun with more active families.  Like the Cavachon, the Cavapoo is a small dog with the heart of a big dog.

Cavapoos are extremely hypo-allergenic and non-shed

Cavapoos are  almost without exception well tolerated by those with allergy issues. They have the slightly more curly coat from the Poodle and manage to easily overcome the notorious shedding characteristics of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.   

Their coats are dense and require grooming at regular intervals, I recommend using a coat conditioner (of course I love Agatha's Apothecary's Healthy Coat).  With coated breeds, the difference using conditioner makes is simply amazing.  Coat conditioner keeps Cavapoos easy to brush and tangle-free and I think it adds a layer of protection if you are allergy prone by keeping the coat from drying out and producing dander. 

I recommend a professional grooming approximately every 6 to 8 weeks.  Some people go a bit longer between clips and a few brave souls even learn to do a credible job at home.  My Cavapoo & Cavachon puppies learn as babies to be groomed and bathed.  It helps loads if your little one has had those basics started from any early age.  Tell your groomer to keep your dog in a "Puppy Clip" or "Personality Clip" it helps to take along a photo of what your Cavapoo looked like as a puppy, if your groomer knows her stuff, she'll always keep your Cavapoo looking like a puppy!  

In addition, to that good news, they are also quick to learn and rather athletic for small canines.  As for size, typically between 10 to 15 pounds, a more modest size if you intend to do a lot of traveling and have constraints on how big your traveling companion must be.  

All in all the Cavapoo will make deciding between the Cavachon and the Cavapoo just a bit tougher, I tell people, a puppy will often just jump off the page and into your heart, regardless of the blend, these Cavalier hybrids make incredible family dogs no matter which one you choose!

Ruby Cavapoo Puppy
Cavapoo with little girl

A cavapoo dream come true!