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Recent Puppy Stars

Visit some of our Cavachon & Cavapoo Puppy Stars who have gone to live in new homes, bringing much puppy joy to each new family!

Here are some of our recent puppy stars, puppies who have gone to their new homes and are doing the job I raised them to do,,, bring puppy joy!!!

Foxglove Farm Cavachon Puppy

Our exceedingly handsome boy Razzmataz has gone to the atnips in texas, their 2nd foxglove puppy!

Ruby Cavachon

Darling baby azalea left with diane & Mike, it was more than a bit hard to let this tiny angel go!

Cavachon puppy

Foxglove Farm Cupcake has gone to savannah to be a puppy southern belle for the Mcclains who love her already!

Blenheim Cavachon Puppy

Foxglove Farm barnabas adopted by the Kaser family of ohio!


I've name this good puppy dog after "Barnabas" the wonderful doggie companion of Father Tim in the "At Home In Mitford" series by Jan Karon (you readers out there owe it to yourselves to give that lovely series a try, just a delightful read).

Like Barnabas in the books, our little fellow is a thoughtful and soon to be devoted companion dog in the making.  He's a bit of a thinker, he weighs things and takes a bit to come up with his small answers.  He'll be perfect for a quieter home, he doesn't like too much commotion, he's a bit of an old soul!

Gorgeous color and coat, a beautiful dog walk buddy who'll have complete strangers accosting you to see "Where did you FIND that ADORABLE PUPPY!"

Yes, they sometimes they shout, or so I'm told.

Foxglove Farms Ambrose  (A special surprise!)

Sable Cavachon

Foxglove Farm Babs Headed to the Alifiries in NYC!

Cavachon Puppy Blenheim

Foxglove Farm WInston heads to the moks!

Blenheim Cavachon

foxglove farm leonardo!  Leo has been Adopted by musto family!

Cavachon boy puppy