Dear Puppy People,  Just a note before you scroll down to see our newest available Cavachon pups. I am simply amazed at the process and how it is possible for individuals and families who live sometimes in far away places to choose one of our Cavachons. These individuals sometimes come to us after searching through hundreds of ads on the Internet, from looking at dozens of tiny little faces gazing out of photos on a computer screen. And even more amazing, how hundreds of thousands of you become loyal fans of our site, both those who've purchased a Cavachon, (many have purchased you a second and even THIRD Cavachon from Foxglove Farm) and those who simply long for a little Cavachon puppy companion perhaps sometime in the future and love to visit and see our newest "kids" and enjoy the latest blog entry in our "Letters From Foxglove Farm". I'm thrilled that we have been able to match many of you with YOUR "Perfect Puppy", that this process is indeed blessed and helped by our prayers - prayers that the puppies we raise  find the right homes and bring JOY to the hearts of those who adopt them.

 It's not without a large amount of effort though. As Cavachon breeders > we give them a big head start on housetraining, grooming, nail trimming, crate training (in fact most of our puppies are sleeping through the night when they leave for their new homes, a VERY good thing!), all super important basics that a Cavacgib will remember the rest of his or her life! Our  Cavachon pups love people, other pets, & of course CHILDREN,,, and are simply the most beautiful Cavachons you'll find anywhere! (I've heard that comment hundreds of times!!!)
 I know it's rather a daunting process, to find the Cavachon puppy that will fit the best into YOUR life. My advice is the same to all that ask me – this is a long-term investment. Really good Cavachons are not inexpensive and you'd better get the very best one you can find, one that will pay for itself thousands of times over in being not only completely adorable and BEAUTIFUL, but also in being easy to live with, loving and social with family and friends, super easy to housebreak, wonderfully trainable and just a JOY to own!
 Kindest Puppy Regards,
 Terry Ellen Cross
 Foxglove Farm
 Lucas Ohio

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things, try to describe each & every one of our Cavachon puppies in such  a way that makes him or her,,, come alive for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) for your perfect Cavachon!  To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace & just photos on a page,,, a connection with YOUR Cavachon puppy...  The amazing bit??? That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though cheaper Cavachons abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "Kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...  Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on a Foxglove Farm Cavachon.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your Cavachons are just beautiful & there's just something about your site that is so very different"...  While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate about placing the most beautiful Cavachon, one who will fit perfectly into each family,,, it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, but I know we have simply wonderfully beautiful & loving loyal Cavachons, and it seems that simply speaks for itself... 
THANK YOU for visiting Foxglove Farm.... 
Call Terry 1-419-552-6670 for help choosing YOUR perfect puppy!!!  
If you're not close enough to visit & must have your 
Cavachon puppy sent please don't
   worry about shipping your new baby,
he'll be fine I promise!!!
My veterinarian says a short airplane
ride is much less stressful than a long first journey
by car for a young puppy.
email me
Cavachon Puppies For Sale

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We are telling everyone who sees them about you! The picture we are sending was taken by a professional photographer. He entered it in a pet photo contest and won. His next step is at a regional contest. We will let you know when our two little guys win the Grand Prize, which of course, we know they will!.
Dave Bossart & 
Sue McKigney
North Dakota
"I don't even know how to begin to express what a sweet, adorable, friendly and fun puppy our Lacey is. She is just a joy to be around! Everyone who meets her falls in love. I don't think I've ever seen my daughter Amy so happy. Even my husband who wasn't quite sure about the whole idea is absolutely smitten!"
Lynne Nizalek

NuVet Plus
Foxglove Farms 
(mom says!)


Cavachon Puppy For Sale
Call Us - Cavachon Pups
Cavachon black and tan
I'm On Sale!
Mom says I'm goiing to make about 20 to 22 pounds when I'm grown,,, Labradoodles anyone???

To Lisa
in Ohio,,,
he's the 
perfect fit 
for her 
home, he'll 
make heads
turn at the
horse shows!!!
Cavachon black and tan
Cavachon black and tan
"If I pose really good maybe
someone will fall in love with me!"

Foxglove Farms Angus
Standard Size RARE Black & Tan Boy  
​Oh this puppy!!!  He's SUCH a charmer,,, pick this rather chubby baby up and he simply melts into your arms, he feels for all the world like a soft fluffy stuffed bear, only heavier!  Lol!  Really just the happiest little soul, he is the larger version of his canine kin, I'm thinking about 18 pounds when grown (or a bit more), anyone who's considering a Goldendoodle or LAB!!!  (Sorry for shouting!) would do well to ponder our baby "Angus", with all the heart and solid sturdy frame of those breeds, but in a version that will be oh so much easier to manage, not to mention, oh so much more beautiful (sorry I'm biased without doubt : ).
Cavachons are such marvelous companions, they are sensible & sweet, super sporty and fun and yet equally gentle and laid-back, making for a canine that fits your moods and activities (or those of your children or grandchildren), unlike many breeds who set the agenda REGARDLESS of the rest of the families' wishes!  Cavachons love you so much,,, want to please so very much,,, these qualities are simply priceless if you want an easy to manage & easy to train family pet! Don't miss this GORGEOUS PUPPY!
Premium Puppy Price
I love this puppy's adorable fat paws!!!

Cavachon black and tan
"Mom says I'm sweet & funny and only occasionally bad,,, what's not to love?

Cavachon Blenheim puppy
"I just love love love her. Everyone does that meets her as well. They all want Cavachons now! Lol! She just has the sweetest disposition."
Jennifer in Mo.
Bon Bon
Going to 
be a 
second Foxglove
much loved puppy
to the Shewhart
family in Ohio!
(I can't wait for Charlie
to meet her!)

Cavachon Puppy
Foxglove Farms Dooley
Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy
Has anyone else read the Mitford books by Jan Karon???
Wonderful books by one of the most gifted authors I've read in years,,, I had to name our "Dooley" after Father Tim's (the Episipalian pastor) adopted son, who for some reason reminds me of this little guy.  Dooley is not only exceedingly handsome, he's everyone's favorite puppy with his cheerful happy personality, even the other Foxglove Farm folk love him.  Gentle and ever so happy to snuggle in your arms, he's equally happy to chase the leaves and "help" us with the raking & raking & raking, by bouncing right in the middle of the neatest pile of them to be sure we don't run out of the lovely colorful things~!
Cavachons are like that, they romp and play, with all the vigor and energy of their larger canine cousins, take a hike anyone?  A Cavachon will keep up with that morning jog through the park, then be perfectly content to nap nearby while you make some yummy sausages (!!!) and pancakes for breakfast (dreaming of sharing just a bite I'm sure!)
A wonderful little guy that will bring much pleasure in ownership, Dooley is not only gorgeous, he'll be sensible & sweet & one of the easiest to train puppies you'll ever own, he's totally crate trained, just a super smart puppy!
Premium Puppy Price

the page to
see beautiful

Cavachons for sale
Foxglove Farms
be going to join
IF my new
grandma can convince her daughter that she 
(Yippee I'm going to Atlanta!)
Baby Face
To Datcha
in Arizona
who needs
a bit of 
​which our
darling     Baby 

Foxglove Farms Jazzy
Tri-Color Girl Cavachon Puppy
Isn't this a gorgeous color in Cavachons??  I love our Tri-Color & Black & White Bi-Color kids too, just stunning coats with jet black and snow white markings,,, their expressions are just priceless, those little eyebrows!!!
"Jazzy" is a LOVE!!!  She's playfully fun and outgoing but a cuddlebug too,,, she'll nap in someone's arms as long as they'll hold her.​  Perfect if you want a sensible sweet puppy that knows how to unbend and play as well.  
As to size, a larger Toy I'm thinking, she'll be around 15 pounds grown.  Lovely coat that won't require loads of grooming, very silky texture with lots of curl & wave.  The nice thing about Cavachons is that they typically don't need to be groomed as much as some coated breeds, the texture of the coat again has lots to do with whether or not it will matt or tangle easily.  We breed our Cavachons to have glossy coats that retain the texture from the Bichon mom yet inheriting the lovely color patterns from the Cavalier.
Puppies can't inherit great coats unless their parents have been bred for them.
​Premium Cavachon Puppy Price

Nutmeg     The Lockhart Family in California 
now have 
Foxglove puppy kids 
to love!!!

Foxglove Farms Cesar
Large Toy/Standard Blenheim Boy
Oh Cesar,,, we may want to change that name!!!  He really does in his heart of hearts want to be a good dog, he's learning to walk on a lead, he's happy to have his fluffy coat brushed and combed, he's even sleeping right through the night,,, what he wants most of all is a family with perhaps some children to romp with or a sporty guy to take him jogging, he's an athletic sort of puppy & will fill the gap nicely if you've been pondering a Goldendoodle or a larger canine to fill your empty home!
"Love your life with a dog in the home!"
That's so true,,, dogs bring so many wonderful things to our lives,,, don't wait another day for puppy JOY says Cesar!
Premium Cavachon Puppy Price

      SOLD!!!       He's headed to Florida to be sweet
Mae Mae's new BBF!!!

"I try to
be a good dog,,,
but sometimes
I forget..."

Foxglove Farms Baby Face
Darling Blenheim Girl Cavachon Puppy
​Is this not the most adorable little  darling girl you've ever seen?
She's got it all, darling Toy size for those who want an eminently portable pup, she's small but mighty she says,,, loads of the most gorgeous coat with curls and waves galore... Caramel accents abound, just beautifully marked.. Her personality is a delight,,, pick her up and she tucks that tiny nose up under your chin,,, pop her on the floor and she's dragging a giant teddy bear around, fiercely defending it from her siblings,,, oh what a doll!
She has a tiny flaw, her little front teeth are misaligned, it's called an underbite and my vet says it's totally insignificant & won't affect her in any way (I think it makes her even a bit more funny & sweet looking),,, anyway, she's discounted  a bit to reflect her not being perfect...
(Don't tell her ok?)
She'll do beautifully in a home with or without children (or grandchildren she says!), a loving little person, she also is playfully fun and outgoing, though a bit smaller in stature, her heart is big & she'll snuggle or go jogging, ride in the car (or under the seat on the plane!), she's utterly charming and fun and not to be missed!  (I'm guessing about 12 pounds when grown).
Cavachon Puppy Price $2500

Farms Jazzy
"I'm Available!!"

Foxglove Farms iTunes
Tri-Color Boy Cavachon Puppy
Isn't he just too precious for words?!
This puppy has the most endearing expression, a blend of mischief and 
winsome affection ie: the makings of a marvelous family companion & pet!
Baby iTunes is funny and laughably silly at times (as Susan in Ohio told me today about the puppy they purchased in June ("you're a gem for helping us choose Jack Hannah, he has changed our lives, really he makes us laugh so much, he's just a little hoot!")
That's the job of a great dog, to make our lives more complete and yes to bring some laughter to these super stressed days,,, one of my favorite quotes says it all,
"Love your life with a dog in your home!"
it's simply true that a puppy like iTunes will bring much in the way of puppy joy to your days, the kids will thank you, your husband will be proud of the family's great new dog that all the neighbors are having puppy envy over,,, years of enjoyment in a rather furry little black brown & white package!
Big enough, but small enough too,,, around 15 or so pounds when grown,,, the other thing that struck me in my conversation with Susan, she laughingly told how "he thinks he's a big dog, he's such a riot, he found a 3 foot twig the other day on one of our walks & was proudly trying to carry it to me, he has no idea of his size!"
What fun to hear from my Puppy People on just about a daily basis,,, I keep threatening to write a book,,, I think Susan's little guy will have a chapter!
​Premium Puppy Price


Foxglove Farms Delilah
Larger Toy (14 pounds) Girl
Our Delilah says if there are any little people in the house she'll be happy to comfort any skinned knees or bumped noses, she's a maternal sort of young one, but still retains bounce & playful puppy energy to keep small folk entertained as well!
Slightly larger Toy size, eminently portable while being sturdy enough for a bit of rough and tumble life with a busy family. I love that about Cavachons, they are perfectly suited to walking and exercising when you so desire to get OFF the couch, yet are content to spend rainy afternoons snoozing by the fireplace if that's on the schedule!
Premium Puppy Price


She's going
to NY
Dear Lillie
her sister?
Pandora is going to live nearby
& bring much puppy joy a very excited Dylan in NJ!

 "We had to write and thank you for our Maggie! What a blessing to our lives. She is the sweetest dog we have ever seen and great with everyone. Our vet and groomer are amazed at how behaved and laid-back she is she can put a smile on your face just by looking at her.  We couldn't be happier!"
The Nickerson Family
Foxglove Farms Beethoven 
Larger Toy Bi-Color Boy Cavachon Puppy
(About 13 to 15 pounds grown)
Some puppies are born with a extra spark of charismatic charm & sparkle, here's our     who thinks the world might indeed be his oyster!  He's funny and entertaining, loves to make us laugh with his puppy antics.  Gosh, I wish everyone knew what a blessing a great puppy can be, I'm so passionate about our Cavachons, after almost 10 years in exclusively this breed, I have an Inbox full of emails from past Puppy People, each letter with claims that indeed their Bailey or Lu Lu or Lillie is indeed the very best dog on the planet!
Don't buy the wrong dog!!!  The wrong will dog make your life a turmoil,,, the RIGHT dog will make dog ownership a joy!
Little Beethoven is just that kind of puppy he'll bring puppy joy I promise!
Premium Puppy Price

Foxglove Farms Pandora
Larger Toy Size Bi-Color Girl Puppy
Did you see Dear Lillie?  Here's her bookend sister Pandora, a completely lovely puppy inside & out!  Of course I love breeding perfectly beautiful Cavachons, but what I really love is how equally beautiful they are inside.  Pandora is such a darling girl, she's rather soft in nature, one of the ones who'll tuck her nose under your chin with a big puppy sigh,,, you can almost read her thoughts, wondering if I'm the one she's to love forever,,, that puppy gaze, wistfully pleading to be that special one in my heart...  Another of the ones I must hold a bit at arms length, how easy to fall head over heels in love with this little girl.  She's equally sporty and fun by the way, those of you are fans of bigger dogs, take note of the Cavachon, they have so many of those big dog qualities, they're quiet and laid-back, not zippy barky little crazy dogs,,, such a great breed in every way!
Premium Puppy Star Price