Dear Puppy People,  Just a note before you scroll down to see our newest available Cavachon pups. I am simply amazed at the process and how it is possible for individuals and families who live sometimes in far away places to choose one of our puppies. These individuals sometimes come to us after searching through hundreds of ads on the Internet, from looking at dozens of tiny little faces gazing out of photos on a computer screen. And even more amazing, how hundreds of thousands of you become loyal fans of our site, both those who've purchased puppies, (many have purchased you second and even THIRD cavachons from Foxglove Farm) and those who simply long for a little cavachon puppy companion perhaps sometime in the future and love to visit and see our newest "kids" and enjoy the latest blog entry in our "Letters From Foxglove Farm". I'm thrilled that we have been able to match many of you with YOUR "Perfect Puppy", that this process is indeed blessed and helped by our prayers - prayers that the puppies we raise  find the right homes and bring JOY to the hearts of those who adopt them.

 It's not without a large amount of effort though. As Cavachon breeders > we give them a big head start on housetraining, grooming, nail trimming, crate training (in fact most of our puppies are sleeping through the night when they leave for their new homes, a VERY good thing!), all super important basics that a puppy will remember the rest of his or her life! Our puppies love people, other pets, CHILDREN and are simply the most beautiful Cavachons you'll find anywhere! (I've heard that comment hundreds of times!!!)
 I know it's rather a daunting process, to find the Cavachon puppy that will fit the best into YOUR life. My advice is the same to all that ask me – a dog is a long-term investment. Really good dogs are not inexpensive and you'd better get the very best puppy you can find. That puppy will pay for itself thousands of times over in being not only completely adorable and BEAUTIFUL, but also in being easy to live with, loving and social with family and friends, super easy to housebreak, wonderfully trainable and just a JOY to own!
 Kindest Regards,
 Terry Ellen Cross
 Foxglove Farm
 Lucas Ohio

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things, try to describe each & every one of our Cavachon puppies in such  a way that makes him or her,,, come alive for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) for your perfect Cavachon!  To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace & just photos on a page,,, a connection with YOUR Cavachon baby...  The amazing bit??? That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though cheaper puppies abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "Kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...  Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on a Foxglove Cavachon puppy.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your puppies are just beautiful & there's just something about your Cavachons that is different"...  While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate about placing the most beautiful puppy who will fit perfectly into each family,,, it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, but I know we have simply wonderful puppies, and it seems that simply speaks for itself... 
THANK YOU for visiting Foxglove Farm.... 
Call Terry 1-419-552-6670 for help choosing YOUR perfect puppy!!!  
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he'll be fine I promise!!!)
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Cavachon Puppies For Sale

Cavachon puppies for sale
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Foxglove Farms
Foxglove Farms Magnolia
Larger Toy Mahogany Sable & White Girl 
What fun it is to enjoy the summery weather with my little guys! I love the photos I took of them outdoors romping in the summer sunshine, Oh,,,                  PUPPY BLISS INDEED! 
Happily they all bounced and played, 
then  "Magnolia" found everyone's most favorite "Binky" and trotted off in triumph with everyone looking in vain for him,,, but ever so puppy smart little Magnolia fooled everyone, dancing back & forth right under their noses with the most gleeful expression, priceless!!! Eventually she decided to share with her siblings & soon Mollywogs, Max & Marley were all trying to capture the same most favorite toy, they keep us entertained with such little puppy dramas, they give me lessons every day on how to slow down and enjoy the little things : )~!  Don't miss darling Magnolia, she's sure to bring a smile!
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Foxglove Farms Jungle Jimmy
Larger Toy Tri-Color Boy Puppy
Oh this precious baby has the most ADORABLE puppy face!!
Just when I think they can't get a bit more lovable, along comes a simply fabulous litter of puppies with not only personality and happy affectionate natures, but with absolutely beautiful color and coat, perfect puppy faces with tiny muzzles and melting dark eyed expressions, oh what a blessing to be able to raise these little darlings, to send them to loving homes and to the wonderful Puppy People who write me years after they purchase a puppy, sending photos and their heartfelt thanks for the small ones who have found their way through this unlikely vehicle, to find each heart that had an empty place just large enough to hold the little one who simply couldn't wait to give puppy kisses and spend his or her life being utterly devoted to that new family with every fiber in their tiny beings, each puppy goes on his or her long or short journey,,, sometimes literally right around the corner (as did 2 baby girl Cavachons not long ago), sometimes half-way round the globe, but with the same result in mind, to bring years of enjoyment and fun, much chasing of the ball, a bit of digging in the flowerbeds, perhaps an occasional kiss for the cat,,, each journey begins here 
at Foxglove Farm, as each puppy packs his little puppy bags for his journey and inevitably much Puppy Joy is waiting at the ending destination...  Jungle Jimmy is ready and waiting for his turn on that puppy express, don't miss this little morsel of puppyhood!
Premium Puppy Star Price
$4000 (Includes Shipping)
 "We had to write and thank you for our Maggie! What a blessing to our lives. She is the sweetest dog we have ever seen and great with everyone. Our vet and groomer are amazed at how behaved and laid-back she is she can put a smile on your face just by looking at her.  We couldn't be happier!"
The Nickerson Family
"I just love love love her. Everyone does that meets her as well. They all want Cavachons now! Lol! She just has the sweetest disposition."
Jennifer in Mo.
Foxglove Farms Matilda Jane
Larger Toy Tri-Color Girl Puppy
Talk about expression,,, don't you love "Matilda Jane's" totally adorable little eyebrows??!!!
What a darling baby face with her black button nose with it's snowy white blaze, she is utterly charming and has a personality to match!  A bit softer natured but playful and loves to romp at times too, typically Cavachon, she's a real blend & will be a wonderful family dog, not only stylish and attractive, but funny and affectionate too.  I wish the Tri-Colors weren't so few and far between, they are special favorites of mine,,, along with the Blenheims & the Sable & Whites & the Black & Tan kids, it's hard to pick a favorite with any certainty, they alllll win my heart on a daily basis!
Matilda Jane is slightly larger Toy size, finishing out at around 15 pounds I'm thinking, she's a perfectly sturdy little person and thinks she can romp with the neighbor's Goldendoodle, she's a love and super social and loves other dogs.
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms
Jungle Jimmy
I love my little Tri-Color babies, they have the most droll expressions & personalities to match,  so funny & sweet!
Foxglove Farms 
Matida Jane
"I'm Available!"
Kit wants
a cat friend
 of his 
very own!!!

Is he not the most precious thing?
Love that 
little face!!!
Foxglove Farms Zelda!
Larger Toy Blenheim Girl Puppy
Here's Zoom Zoom's sister who was just out of sight in some of the photos above, they were having so much fun, I love summertime for the puppies, this especially has been a perfect summer, the weather just a bit cooler and perfect for puppy games out in the backyard.  Our "Zelda" is a happy little soul too, but managed to pose nicely for a few indoor photos as well, she tries to concentrate and figure out what you want her to do, training is going super well, she's doing nicely on puppy basics, walking prettily on the lead, occasionally even sitting on command, we're getting there!  The crate training part is coming along well, she should be super easy to house-train, how great is that busy moms out there??? 
As for size, I'm thinking about 15 to 16 pounds when grown, slightly larger than the average Toy size, she too will make a sporty little model to babysit the small ones while you are reading in the recliner : )~!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms Zelda
SOLD!!! To dear Ruth Haug in Tennessee,,, she bought her first Foxglove baby 8 years ago,,, how time flies!!!
Ruth you are going to LOVE this puppy!!!

Foxglove Farms 
Jungle Jimmy
"I'm Available!"

Foxglove Farms George Of The Jungle
Oh, dear,,, It's hard not to get excited about outstanding puppies like our "Georgie"~!  If you've been looking (and looking and looking as one lady recently told me, "what a relief it is to find Foxglove to finally DECIDE on a puppy, I stop lying awake all night worrying about finding the right puppy!"  It IS difficult, but if you've found your way to Foxglove, be forewarned, our puppies are not inexpensive, I'm passionate about raising the most gorgeous puppies on the planet, it takes most of my time, most of my thoughts and efforts to bring puppies like Georgie together with families like the lady mentioned above, to know that those same families will come back years later for a second or third Foxglove Cavachon, because all that time and energy was worth it, my little one did his or her job & brought PUPPY JOY in abundant measure to that home in Chicago or New York, Pittsburgh or Peoria,,, it's the hardest thing and the easiest thing I've ever done,,, it's brought joy and yes it's brought tears at times, but I know we have great puppies, look no further, you've found Foxglove Farm!

Foxglove Farms Safari Joe
Larger Toy Ruby Boy Puppy
That face says it all, our "Safari Joe" is one of those good old fashioned family kind of dogs, with a heart brimming over with love and devotion, just waiting to hop into your arms and let you tell him what an ever so handsome fellow he is!  His coat, oh love the color (don't see many of these Ruby kids as you all know), who needs a Goldendoodle when you have have a more pocket-sized canine who will happily jog along on the bike trails without dragging you off with wild Doodle enthusiasm!  Cavachons are such sensible little folk, as a dear Puppy Person (Nancy who is looking for her second Foxglove baby after 4 blissful years with Kadee) said to me today, "I know you hear this all the time, but these are the most wonderful dogs, even at the dog park, Kadee loves to play with the BIG dogs, she's so sweet and laid-back, the small dogs are too hyper and yippy for her!"  That says it all dear puppy seekers,,, a good Cavachon should be full of sweet sensible good nature and while fun and playful, never yappy or tightly wound like so many small breeds are today.
Higgins is just what I hope for in a top quality puppy, not only beautiful outside, but inside as well, he has what it takes to make a dog you can live with happily for years to come.
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Foxglove Farms
Safari Joe
Foxglove Farms Jack Hanna
 Larger Toy/Small Standard Blenheim Boy 
 These puppies are just so devastatingly pretty, with hearts shining in their earnest little eyes, look at our "Jack Hanna",,, oh puppies like this are hard to find, you can search the country over & you'll be hard pressed to find a lovelier puppy. He's slightly larger than the average Toy size, I'm thinking about 16 pounds or so when grown, a great size to please hubby if he's leaning toward a Labradoodle  or heaven help us a Berniedoodle??!!! Puppy people, remember, these little guys grow UP and while a tidy sized Cavachon baby will make an eminently family suitably sized canine, if your chubby puppy baby grows up to 60 plus pounds that's loads of work to maintain the coat and energy level that come with that size canine!
I have pictures of one of our grown up "kids" sailing over a fallen tree while on the trail with her mom (shout out to "Daisy"!), you couldn't ask for a more "real dog" on four paws, but with the Cavachon comes not only a sporty & when need be athletic sort of small dog, but also a small dog that doesn't make you crazy with the nonsense that typically accompanies the reduced size!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms 
Jack Hanna
"I'm Available!"
Foxglove Farms Monkey Business
Larger Toy SOLID SABLE (Read RARE!) Boy Puppy
To continue the thought from the blurb above,,,
I owned a very popular boarding kennel for almost 20 years (near that most beautiful city Charleston SC), I'm more than a bit experienced when it comes to people and their pets, I've worked as a veterinary technician, etc etc,,, suffice to say I know dogs rather rather well.  I've always been a big dog person, preferring the calm attitude and good nature of most larger dogs, often I'd see clients with small breed dogs who were a motley crew of yippy yappy rather zippy little furry tornadoes, dragging their frazzled owners in the door of our kennel office with a complete disregard for the cries of "Heel! Jock Heel!!" DOWN I say!!!" I'd ruefully shake my head in sympathy for aforementioned owner, thinking that while wee "Jock" was the cutest thing in whiskers, he was also the most disobedient little menace his owner could have chosen as a family pet.  When I met the Cavachon for the first time almost a decade ago, I instantly knew that here was an amazing blend of dog breeds & personalities that had happily created as close to the most perfect canine companion as we are going to get.  Not only are they exceptionally beautiful, with rich unusual coat colors and patterns, but they posses hearts that beat with the old fashioned good dogs gentle love and loyalty to their families, a dash of humor for comic relief, a eminently trainable disposition,,, a sweetness with children (yet perfectly playful with them as well) that I simply have never seen in any other breed.  Note our ever so handsome puppy, not only is he a puppy to stop traffic (don't laugh, my puppies cause complete strangers to stop their cars and call "WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT BEAUTIFUL PUPPY???) he's also an exceedingly smart, almost house-trained at the young age of ten weeks, walking happily on the lead, learning all his puppy p's & q's with ease, making for a puppy that will be easy to raise & easy to love!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms 
Monkey Business
"I'm Available!"
Foxglove Farms
George Of 
The Jungle
 going to 
Bella &
in Virginia 
a much
Foxglove Farms 
Me Tarzan
"I'm Available!"
Foxglove Farms Me Tarzan
(LOL! Sorry couldn't resist!)
Larger Toy Size Sable & White Boy 
Silly little "Tarzan", this puppy is such a character!  Super smart, he notices every new thing, he was especially taken with the colorful animal print sunglasses, I thought at one point he was going to be wearing them, I love puppies like him, they are ever so easy to train (he's got all the puppy basics down thank you very kindly he says!) and with his eager to please personality you'll be through the bumpy bits of puppy-hood in no time flat!
Perfect choice if you're looking for a second puppy, by the way, there are all sorts of opinoins out there on what to get, boy vs girl if you already have a dog in residence, the lovely thing about Cavachons?  Contrary to many other breeds where that can be a huge issue, with Cavachons you can just about close your eyes and choose, they invariably make a good match with the family "pack", fitting in seamlessly with everything from Beagles to Bozois, just another of the reasons I think the Cavachon is without doubt one of the best choices for the family looking for the perfect new addition to their homes!
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