As I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things, 
try to capture the personality of each of my puppies with my camera, to describe each one of in such  a way that makes him or her come to life for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) 
for your perfect Cavachon.  I find myself wondering which home will end up being the perfect one for each of our sweet Cavachon babies.
To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace &  photos on a page,,, 
a connection with YOUR Cavachon puppy just from their little faces looking out from a website...  
The amazing bit??? 
That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though less pricey Cavachons abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "puppy kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...  

Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on a Foxglove Farm Cavachon.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your Cavachons 
are just SO BEAUTIFUL beautiful & there's just something about your site 
that's different"...  
While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate 
about placing the most beautiful Cavachon,  the one who will fit perfectly into each family,,, 
it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, 
but I know we have simply wonderfully beautiful & loving loyal Cavachons, 
and that passion simply speaks for itself... 
​Kindest Puppy Regards,
Terry Cross
 PS If you're not close enough to visit & must have your Cavachon puppy sent,  please don't
   worry about shipping your new baby, he'll be fine I promise!!!
My veterinarian says a airplane ride is much less stressful than a 
long first journey by car for a young puppy.
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Ruby Slippers
"I'm SOLD!"
(Her gorgeous half-siblings
will be ready 4/01/15
Alllll Rubies!!!!
Foxglove Farms Rugby
Mini Cavachon Blenheim Boy 
Wow! I don't know where to start describing this darling boy!  
Not only is he absolutely stunning 
(the camera LOVES HIM,,, I had a hard time not using about a dozen of his GORGEOUS photos!!!).  
He's absolutely chock-full of Cavachon charm with the most amazing personality, the funniest character, he'll bow and pat his front paws at me, inviting me to throw his ball and play, then he's off trying to entice his siblings into a game with those big fluffy feet waving.

His personality is expressed perfectly with these photos, Rugby wears his thoughts on his face for the world to see, he's laughably droll, very playful and imaginative (read SMART!) he's super social and will make a fabulous kids dog or second dog if you've already got a canine companion in the house!
As to size, I'm thinking about 18 or 20 pounds, maybe a pinch more (remember those paws!) a great alternative if you've been pondering a Goldendoodle, love the portability and easy care of the slightly smaller Fido!
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for two

Foxglove Farms Raisin
Mahogany Sable & White Girl      
Mini Cavachon
Oh this litter has been such fun!
Take Raisin for example, I just put little miss & her siblings to bed, it was a tiny puppy riot,,, they all were trying to give me one last puppy kiss, one last snuggle before I turned on their night light. (Yes, even puppies appreciate a night light or so I like to think!)
They know when mom turns that little light on it's bedtime and like children everywhere, they wanted to play just 5 more minutes!!!
Little Raisin was dancing a little dance, all bashful and wagging, she's just such a beautiful color,  I had 
to hug her one last time 
before nite nite.
Raisin has loads of gorgeous curled silky coat, perfectly marked in mahogany with black tipping.  She's extra social and fun (see her puppy joy in the spring sunshine).  Great size for the family who wants a sporty canine who can take to the hills on a hike or play with the big dogs at the local dog park, but not too big that she can't sleep on your lap if you need a study buddy, I'm thinking about 18 pounds grown~
simply a lovely puppy in every way!
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Foxglove Farms Eliza Jane
Larger Toy Blenheim Girl Cavachon
As I said, I was just tucking the little people in for the night, darling Eliza Jane was doing all she could to out shine her brother's and sisters,,, she's the tiniest bit bashful and she wanted so very much for me to hold her one more time before I went off to bed myself, she wagged her little bottom so hard that I had to laugh, laugh and marvel at how PRETTY she is!!!  I'm a fan for all things spaniel,,, LOVE her lovely long ears, that adorable expression, she's just precious!
All girlie girl, she's so sweetly feminine  & the perfect choice if you are looking for a cuddly small dog who will be devoted to not only her immediate family but yet loving and happy to greet everyone that comes to visit as well.  I love that about Cavachons, so totally dependable and affectionate with EVERYONE!  Perfect Perfect FAMILY PETS!
(I've seen so many breeds that are NOT it makes this breed such a joy!)
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Foxglove Farms Topper
Larger Toy/Mini Cavachon
 Blenheim Boy
Oh my sweet Topper,
he's such a softie!  Like Eliza Jane, a bit on the bashful side, with softly whisking tail the moment you speak to him or glance his way.  He's not a bit Alpha and will be a lovely puppy to train, that softer nature will translate into a marvelous house dog.
This kind of personality really shines with gentle children or someone who wants a more mellow laid-back sort of Cavachon.  Not for homes with exuberant kids, look at the first few little folk listed above if you're needs tend that way, I want my darling boy puppy to go in to someone that wants a gentle more reflective natured puppy.  Not to worry, he is quite friendly, he just takes a bit of encouraging and his tail begins to wag with abandon!
As to size, just over Toy I'm thinking, about 16 to 18 pounds when grown, , he says he's just the right size to fill your heart with
 puppy love!
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Eliza Jane is bringing
a basket of puppy
goodness to 
Caren & Tessa in MD!!!
Foxglove Farms Rocky
 Standard Size Blenheim Boy
This litter of babies, perhaps since I've played patty-cake with them since they were tiny, all use their front paws to communicate in the in the sweetest way!  Look at funny baby Rocky, even when playing with his brother and sisters, up go those fluffy front feet, I caught him time after time with my camera, look at his expression, he was just having so much fun, playing in the SUNSHINE oh PUPPY JOY!!! 
That's his personality by the way, he's happy to be a couch potato but take him out for a romp and he's fun and athletic and totally at your heels with his tail wagging just the perfect chubby little companion : )
I'm thinking he'll make about 18 to 20 pounds when grown (who needs a Labradoodle when you can have a pocket pup like a Cavachon!??
(They grow up into sensible canines sooooo much faster than many of their four-footed kin! Don't miss this nice nice puppy!
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Adorable &
Foxglove Farms Cream Tart!
Toy Sized Blenheim Girl Cavachon
Everyone LOVES Cream Tart!!!
She's a snowy little bundle that charms each of us every day, even the older dogs love her, see Agatha who tends to make a path around the little ones (they like to swing on her ears, ouch!), she wants to keep this baby for herself!
Snowy white coat with abundant wave and curl, she'll be exceptionally hypo-allergenic and non-shed.  Tucking her into bed with sister Toots and brother Tobias, little Cream Tart stood on her hind legs and hugged my hand with her tiny paws,,, oh she's just a little mushy baby, like I said, we are alllll smitten with this darling.
Size?? I'm thinking about 14 to 16 pounds, though she thinks she can wear a 20" collar!
Totally without fear, she greets all, including our Welsh Pony mare Fairlight with affectionate wags and puppy kisses.  She'd make a wonderful therapy dog with her delightful nature.
​Or if you don't have a job for her to do, she'll be perfectly content to be a loyal loving LOVELY little companion if you so desire.  I've used mostly candid shot of her, perched on a comfy cushion, she says puppies BELONG on the furniture!
Premium Puppy Price
"I'm  SOLD!"
Headed to Bentley
in Houston!
And then there's
Toy Sized Blenheim Girl Cavachon
What a total character our little Toots is!  I can definitely see her own Facebook page ahead!
She's the bookend to Cream Tart in looks, they are just about identical twins in looks.  
In personality, Toots is her own person!
She's adorably funny, delightfully silly, just a bit saucy but amazingly
affectionate, loving loving loving,
 & did I say BEAUTIFUL!?
Wonderful coat and unique style, she'll turn heads with her snowy beauty but more so she'll melt hearts with her genuinely good natured people loving spirit.
Adorable from the tip of her tiny nose to the end of her wagging tail, rather a mid-size Toy miss, around 12  to 14 pounds when grown, exceedingly good for those who need a smallish pup for stowing in cabin on those jaunts to the sun come winter and time for all good snow birds to head south!
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We have a litter of Toy & Mini sized Cavachon babies who will be ready in April & a litter of RUBY Cavapoos as well.  Scroll down the page for a puppy preview!
Heading to
with a
basket full
of puppy love for Victoria!
David & Cathy
and their
a little
bundle to love!
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