Dear Puppy People,  Just a note before you scroll down to see our newest available Cavachon pups. I am simply amazed at the process and how it is possible for individuals and families who live sometimes in far away places to choose one of our Cavachons. These individuals sometimes come to us after searching through hundreds of ads on the Internet, from looking at dozens of tiny little faces gazing out of photos on a computer screen. And even more amazing, how hundreds of thousands of you become loyal fans of our site, both those who've purchased a Cavachon, (many have purchased you a second and even THIRD Cavachon from Foxglove Farm) and those who simply long for a little Cavachon puppy companion perhaps sometime in the future and love to visit and see our newest "kids" and enjoy the latest blog entry in our "Letters From Foxglove Farm". I'm thrilled that we have been able to match many of you with YOUR "Perfect Puppy", that this process is indeed blessed and helped by our prayers - prayers that the puppies we raise  find the right homes and bring JOY to the hearts of those who adopt them.

 It's not without a large amount of effort though. As Cavachon breeders > we give them a big head start on housetraining, grooming, nail trimming, crate training (in fact most of our puppies are sleeping through the night when they leave for their new homes, a VERY good thing!), all super important basics that a Cavacgib will remember the rest of his or her life! Our  Cavachon pups love people, other pets, & of course CHILDREN,,, and are simply the most beautiful Cavachons you'll find anywhere! (I've heard that comment hundreds of times!!!)
 I know it's rather a daunting process, to find the Cavachon puppy that will fit the best into YOUR life. My advice is the same to all that ask me – this is a long-term investment. Really good Cavachons are not inexpensive and you'd better get the very best one you can find, one that will pay for itself thousands of times over in being not only completely adorable and BEAUTIFUL, but also in being easy to live with, loving and social with family and friends, super easy to housebreak, wonderfully trainable and just a JOY to own!
 Kindest Puppy Regards,
 Terry Ellen Cross
 Foxglove Farm
 Lucas Ohio

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things, try to describe each & every one of our Cavachon puppies in such  a way that makes him or her,,, come alive for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) for your perfect Cavachon!  To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace & just photos on a page,,, a connection with YOUR Cavachon puppy...  The amazing bit??? That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though cheaper Cavachons abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "Kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...  Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on a Foxglove Farm Cavachon.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your Cavachons are just beautiful & there's just something about your site that is so very different"...  While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate about placing the most beautiful Cavachon, one who will fit perfectly into each family,,, it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, but I know we have simply wonderfully beautiful & loving loyal Cavachons, and it seems that simply speaks for itself... 
THANK YOU for visiting Foxglove Farm.... 
Call Terry 1-419-552-6670 for help choosing YOUR perfect puppy!!!  
If you're not close enough to visit & must have your 
Cavachon puppy sent please don't
   worry about shipping your new baby,
he'll be fine I promise!!!
My veterinarian says a short airplane
ride is much less stressful than a long first journey
by car for a young puppy.
email me
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Sable Cavachon Puppy
Cavachon puppy from Foxglove
Foxglove Farms Twinkle
Sable & White Girl Cavachon Puppy
I get so many great emails and calls from past puppy people,,, here's a quote from Leah Hitchan who purchased our beautiful "Tea" a few years ago....
"...I wish I could tell everyone who is thinking about adopting one of your puppies to not think twice. Adopting our girl Tea' 
as a puppy was such a blessing. She's so intelligent and o what a personality, the best! So thanks again Terry and hope to see you again soon to get our little girl a sister. 
> Take care 
I love my puppy people and especially enjoy hearing back from them over the years & yes, sending them new little ones to join the first Foxglove kids that have somehow amazingly all grown up!
I also love my Sable & White little ones,,, isn't this just the most adorable face?  Our "Twinkle" is just precious & totally girlie, with those beautiful eyes gazing right into your heart...  Not to fret, she's also got just enough puppy bounce to entertain and keep everyone on their toes she says,,, oh but she's especially happy to be carried around in some little person's arms, she'll even watch Frozen a few hundred times without complaint as long as she's snuggled close by a little someone's side.  Moms,,, Dads,,, get those kids a puppy!!!! Don't make them beg for an eternity (when your young, even a few months can seem like FOREVER)...
I tell my puppy people,,, children have a "window of time" when a puppy will be the most enjoyed and treasured and yes, learned from,,,, don't miss it, time oh how it flies...

Cavachon Puppy From Foxglove Farm

Foxglove Farms
Cavachon puppy for sale

Foxglove Farms

"I just love love love her. Everyone does that meets her as well. They all want Cavachons now! Lol! She just has the sweetest disposition."
Jennifer in Mo.
Cavachon puppy for sale Foxglove Farm
Foxglove Farms Silver Belle
Blenheim Girl Cavachon Puppy
Look at this simply scrumptious little girl, she has the most beautifully curled and waved coat promising to be not only exceptionally non-shed & hypo-allergenic, but the kind of coat that makes for a gorgeous Cavachon when she's all grow up too!
This litter is just delightfully snuggly, they lay in your arms like little rag dolls, all soft and fluffy with sweet puppy breath.  That same soft nature promises easy to train personalities, they are full of bounce and silliness enough to entertain the little ones, but sensible and smart enough to make living with a new puppy a pleasure, having a great start with loads of structure makes all the difference as this letter that arrived in my Inbox yesterday states so glowingly!
"Our Glinda is a healthy, loving, SMART Cavachon born at your farm. She is now 7 1/2 years old, and we consider welcoming her into our family to be one of the best decisions that our family has ever made. We say daily how lucky we are, and we know the good care she got early on shaped the dog she is today. Thank you!"
Susie in Massachusetts
(Love my puppy people!!!)


Foxglove Farms
Silver Belle

Foxglove Farms Beauregard 
Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy
Here's a puppy bundle all tied up with not only an exceedingly adorable furry little morsel, underneath is such a comical sweet personality to please everyone in the house from the cat to the canary!  Our "Beau" is just too cute for words, don't you love his expression, he was so pleased with his "puppy bling" bow-tie, standing perfectly still, looking right into the camera as if to say 
"Pick me oh I'm such a good doggie!"
Oh puppy people, get a great puppy, you'll be happy for years to come if you do,,, great dogs are indeed more expensive, but you can't put a price on the joy of owning a dog that everyone is head over heels in love with, one that's beautiful (not just as a baby, but as a grown up Cavachon too!), one that learns the house rules quickly and well, who is devoted to the tips of his furry little toes to you & yours,,,
choose well,,, you'll never regret it!
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Premium Puppy Foxglove Farms Beauregard  (Puppy BLING included! with all puppies!)

Foxglove Farms Gabriel  
To Margo
in Florida,,,
Gabe is
Cavachon Puppy
Cavachon girl puppy

Foxglove Farms Nathaniel
Red & White Boy Cavachon
​Looking for a happy but more laid back little friend and family pet? Tired of your neighbors barking Beagle and hoping that whatever dog you choose won't perform a repeat performance at your house?
Look no further, our Cavachon babies abound in good sense, quiet dispositions, loving and trainable dispositions with a good measure of puppy fun and silliness thrown in for good measure!  
Love the bright coloring on this boy baby, with a cute little spot on his muzzle (and darling freckles too!), he's the perfect choice for caring children (he's playful and fun in a softer way, lots of holding would be perfect for him too he says!).
He'll be wonderfully non-shed and hypo-allergenic, look at that coat, just exactly what I like to see for those qualities, it's lovely not having to vacuum frantically to keep up with dog hair!  Another good candidate if your kids are a bit worried about dogs in general, this little fellow will make dog devotees out of the most fretful of tiny people!  
Don't miss this gentle yet sporty fellow!
Foxglove Farms Rudy
Red & White Boy Cavachon
I love our FB page (Foxglove Designer Puppies if you'd like to visit & of course "like" us too!)          Just a few moments ago, Kerri Walsh Spellman posted this comment: "They are the best. They have a big dog personality in tiny compact little bodies. Our Murphy who looks a lot like this one is loyal, charming, snuggly, and not yippy or nippy. A complete love that enjoys boating swimming, riding in the car and chasing squirrels. Thanks again!"
She says it all succinctly, that's what we raise our Foxglove puppies to become, the perfect family dogs, fun, loving, yes loyal,,,, and before I forget BEAUTIFUL TOO!!!  Another of our Puppy People wrote me of her "Stella"
(I hear that a lot too, complete strangers will pull to the curb as you walk your little Foxglove charmer down the boulevard and roll the window down exclaiming, "What kind of dog is that??? She is ADORABLE!!!"
Don't look any further or pick the WRONG puppy (I've written an article recently on that particular subject!  Get a great puppy, you won't be sorry you did!
Foxglove Farms  Blizzard!  SOLD!!!  Bringing puppy joy to Theo in Ohio!!!
Foxglove Farms Gingersnap!!!
She's a 
Foxglove Farms Brandon
Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy
This is SUCH a sweet puppy!
He loves to fall asleep in my lap, and will make a slightly more low-key softer natured canine companion for the puppy seekers out there.  Wonderful non-shed coat with loads of wave promising no sniffles with this guy!  Such an earnest small puppy with his pleading eyes and expression but not to worry, he has two speeds, low to medium and then he's off at a canter, looking for his stuffed frog friend to try and entice his siblings into a chase.  
As to size, I'm thinking about 14 pounds, just at the top end of Toy range, still sturdy but eminently easy care and portable.  Speaking of which, Cavachons make wonderful traveling companions, social and happy to meet your friends, they draw raves from everyone & then are sweetly social and give kisses with puppy abandon, they are the eternal puppy, with an innocence and trust that stays with them through the years.

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I'm Available!!!
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