Dear Puppy People,  Just a note before you scroll down to see our newest available Cavachon pups. I am simply amazed at the process and how it is possible for individuals and families who live sometimes in far away places to choose one of our Cavachons. These individuals sometimes come to us after searching through hundreds of ads on the Internet, from looking at dozens of tiny little faces gazing out of photos on a computer screen. And even more amazing, how hundreds of thousands of you become loyal fans of our site, both those who've purchased a Cavachon, (many have purchased you a second and even THIRD Cavachon from Foxglove Farm) and those who simply long for a little Cavachon puppy companion perhaps sometime in the future and love to visit and see our newest "kids" and enjoy the latest blog entry in our "Letters From Foxglove Farm". I'm thrilled that we have been able to match many of you with YOUR "Perfect Puppy", that this process is indeed blessed and helped by our prayers - prayers that the puppies we raise  find the right homes and bring JOY to the hearts of those who adopt them.

 It's not without a large amount of effort though. As Cavachon breeders > we give them a big head start on housetraining, grooming, nail trimming, crate training (in fact most of our puppies are sleeping through the night when they leave for their new homes, a VERY good thing!), all super important basics that a Cavacgib will remember the rest of his or her life! Our  Cavachon pups love people, other pets, & of course CHILDREN,,, and are simply the most beautiful Cavachons you'll find anywhere! (I've heard that comment hundreds of times!!!)
 I know it's rather a daunting process, to find the Cavachon puppy that will fit the best into YOUR life. My advice is the same to all that ask me – this is a long-term investment. Really good Cavachons are not inexpensive and you'd better get the very best one you can find, one that will pay for itself thousands of times over in being not only completely adorable and BEAUTIFUL, but also in being easy to live with, loving and social with family and friends, super easy to housebreak, wonderfully trainable and just a JOY to own!
 Kindest Puppy Regards,
 Terry Ellen Cross
 Foxglove Farm
 Lucas Ohio

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things, try to describe each & every one of our Cavachon puppies in such  a way that makes him or her,,, come alive for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) for your perfect Cavachon!  To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace & just photos on a page,,, a connection with YOUR Cavachon puppy...  The amazing bit??? That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though cheaper Cavachons abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "Kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...  Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on a Foxglove Farm Cavachon.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your Cavachons are just beautiful & there's just something about your site that is so very different"...  While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate about placing the most beautiful Cavachon, one who will fit perfectly into each family,,, it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, but I know we have simply wonderfully beautiful & loving loyal Cavachons, and it seems that simply speaks for itself... 
THANK YOU for visiting Foxglove Farm.... 
Call Terry 1-419-552-6670 for help choosing YOUR perfect puppy!!!  
If you're not close enough to visit & must have your 
Cavachon puppy sent please don't
   worry about shipping your new baby,
he'll be fine I promise!!!
My veterinarian says a short airplane
ride is much less stressful than a long first journey
by car for a young puppy.
email me
Cavachon Puppies For Sale
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The Puppy Diva Blog

Foxglove Farms Sir Anthony ​
Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy
Is it just me or does this little guy have this adorably funny expression on his fluffy face?
I don't know what it is, but this puppy is just endearing in a way that makes me smile!  He's going to be such a love-bug, some boy puppies are like that (like young boys everywhere I'm sure~!), extra devoted and mushy, occasionally silly and embarrassingly awkward,,, what's not to love?
Baby "Anthony" promises to be a loving ever so loyal and faithful sort of companion dog, one that will be easy to train and quick to pick up on most of the puppy basics with only an occasional lapse says he.  Slightly larger Toy size, I'm thinking about 16 pounds when grown, he has chubby paws so that should be a close estimate.  Wonderful coat for any of those canine allergic folks out there, he'll be almost entirely non-shed (LOVE THAT!), no Oreck monster here!!!
Premium Puppy Price

​Foxglove Farms Woodstock
Larger Toy/Standard Sable & White Boy Puppy
Those of you who called and emailed about Mrs Patmore, I promised we'd have two more girls and a boy puppy in the same slightly larger 
(kids want a pony??) size!  
I'm exaggerating of course, our Standard sized kids are wonderfully well-suited for those of you who are secretly longing for a "real dog", those who's husbands proclaim that they won't be seen walking a teeney tiny little thing down the street for potty times, no indeed, they insist, what we need is a BIG DOG,,,
well, in Cavachons that translates into the 16 to 22 pound size & here are three precious examples of completely charming fluffy fidos!
Woodstock is a kind natured boy, along with his chubby bear paws and lovely Sable & White fur coat, comes a slightly more mellow disposition, he loves a good nap and you'll have a couple of times each day when he'll snooze happily for an hour or so at a stretch.  Then he's up and ready to play fetch or even learn how to walk on that pesky ole leash he says~ his biddable nature (means he loves to please) but not over the top (great for kids that might be a bit timid with dogs), he'll bring an element of the big dog in that great tidy 
(read portable & fun) size!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms Mr Carson
Toy Blenheim Boy Cavachon
Catch the look on this little guy
when sister Cora Crawley tries to give him a bit of a smooch!  "Ow mom! she's kissing me, make her stop!" isn't he just precious?  That's his personality in a nutshell, today I tossed a new rope bone toy in for babies to play with (they wanted to stay out in the white stuff and play they LOVE the snow!) but mom said it was time to come in and warm little paws,,, little Carson trots off with the prize before the other's even noticed it was gone, I had to laugh, he climbed into his bed and snuggled in his fuzzy blanket, happy to have won the prize and content to entertain himself for an hour.  He's a soft hearted little person, and will do best in a home with gentle children or perhaps someone out there is looking for a loving little companion who's a bit on the milder side of things puppy-wise.  Some of my boy puppies have a bit more zip, this little one is playful and has just enough bounce to keep things interesting!
Premium Puppy Price

Foxglove Farms
Sir Anthony
"I'm SOLD!"
This darling 
mushy baby
is heading home
with the Marcellinos in
Slightly sillly sort of a
little boy puppy, he's ever
so inclined to please,
this is just a
mushy sweet
baby boy!
Foxglove Farms Sally Brown
Larger Toy Blenheim Girl Cavachon
Isn't she just the most darling thing?!  What a face, you know, as a rule, my babies have the most scrumptious little faces, 
"Sally Brown" is no exception, she really wears her heart on her sleeve as they used to say, she's just so expressive, with her big dark eyes, she's exceedingly affectionate and soft natured but oh she is ALSO bright and funny with the makings of a superb house dog, social & happily greeting guests with that whimsical baby face.
Her coat, not only full of wave and curl, (do you not LOVE the tiny ringlets cascading down her pretty ears?) promises to be exceptionally non-shed and hypo-allergenic, the texture is amazing, silky and soft as velvet, just perfect!  She has one flaw keeping her from being a even more pricey baby, the slightest 
mis-alignment of her front teeth, not a health issue at all, in fact I think it's adds to her charm.  
The kitchen test?  If you were to come visit Sally at Foxglove and meet baby girl in person???  She'd be the first in the litter to climb right up in your lap, there she'd snuggle happily with a contented sigh, there she'd stay as long as you were willing to hold her, she'll be a comfort spaniel extrordinaire with a bit of play thrown in for good measure!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farm
Mr Carson
for 3

Lovely coat, curls galore!
Softer nature, with 
a bit of playfulness
just for good measure!
​Foxglove Farms Lucy Lucy
Mini Cavachon (18 - 20 pounds)
Blenheim Girl Cavachon Puppy
Ahhh, so if you made the trip to visit Foxglove Farm, and you were seated in my cozy kitchen with this litter of fluffy bundles trying to decide which one would be the perfect choice for your family??
Our Lucy Lucy would greet you gently, with a soft little lick on your hand to say hello, if you scooped her up onto your lap she'd curl herself into a lap sized puppy package and place her muzzle on your hand, tail wagging softly the whole time,,, after a moment if you spoke kindly to her (and of course you would because she'd already begun to tug at your heart strings~!),,, she'd gaze up into your eyes and her little plume of a tail would beat a bit faster, more puppy kisses would be forthcoming and you'd be hard pressed not to carry her out the door with you when you left!  What a beguilingly pretty puppy she is, if you're a Cavalier lover (of course!!!) those lovely spaniel ears, set low on her head, framing that darling face would make her even harder to resist!  As I said elsewhere about this litter, they are 
SUCH SWEET BABIES!  You could almost close your eyes and whoever you did chose would be a delight, they are equally enticing in their own ways, but in the most important of all, temperament, they EXCEL!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms Mrs Hughes
S​able & White Girl Standard 
Cavachon (18 -20)
Is there a kitty in your house who's hoping and praying you don't bring home a Jack Russel who'll terrorize her and steal all her catnip mice???
Have you a little boy who thinks that 
he'd like to have a puppy, just not one like the neighbors Beagle who jumps all over him and barks a lot...
Or is your husband on the fence regarding the "puppy thing",,, and keeps trying to convince you that a black Lab is just the ticket???
Look long and hard at our Mrs Hughes,
she'll promise to offer the utmost respect to all resident feline creatures (hoping in her heart of hearts that kitty will want to be friends and maybe share those mice),
In her soft woolly body beats the heart of a perfect children's companion, she's gently friendly, not rushing forward and overwhelming little people, but she'll unbend enough to romp in the yard and chase frisbee thingies if anyone likes says she!
Very slightly larger size to please even hubby who's stuck on a 
she has the HEART of a BIG DOG and the BRAINS of Lassie,,, look no further, puppy perfection awaits!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farm
Lucy Lucy
A sweet
headed to 

Foxglove Farm
Sally Brown
to Iowa to
be a 

Foxglove Farms Hobbledehoy
Toy Blenheim Boy Cavachon
Here's Mr Carson's bookend brother who is also incredibly adorable in case you're wondering!
Looking for a perfectly sweet natured and easy to train four footed friend for the family???
Our little "Hobbledehoy" is leading the pack in all things house training, he pops off to bed about 10:30 pm and we don't hear a peep from him until 7 or 8 the next morning!  Little characters, these babies LOVE the snow, so going potty outside has been a rather hilarious adventure,,, we've made a nice clear area for them to romp and play (and POTTY) but the much prefer their own version of puppy tobogganing, with paws awhirl, they bounce in and out of the fluffy white stuff with truly joyful puppy abandon, hows that for a bit of snowy entertainment?!
Cavachons are without doubt one of the sturdier small breeds out there, not much bothered by cold, though I do limit how much outdoor fun they have on any given potty break, about 15 minutes is plenty say I though they would beg to disagree, all little ones come back inside and laughingly are down for naps within just a few minutes, all that fresh air is so good for venting puppy energy! Or are you a rather anxious mom who knows that much of the puppy care agenda will be added to your long to-do list and you just want to be sure you get the RIGHT DOG!!!  The right dog might just be right in front of your nose~!
Ahhh, it's time to quick searching the web (confusing and time consuming!), and simply choose one of these Foxglove Farm Cavachon babies, who are as close to puppy perfection as it's possible to be in this hectic age. A Foxglove Cavachon will have you telling your sister-in-law that she really SHOULD get her kids a dog,,,
you'll be speaking to absolute strangers in the market about why a FOXGLOVE puppy is the ONLY CHOICE if they too are beginning that tedious "we realllly need to get a dog for the family" journey!
The right dog will make a dog fancier and perhaps even a bit of a doggie expert out of you,,, it'll certainly help you steer friends and family toward the Cavachon if they are looking a a thousand different options to fill that empty place in the family dog house!
Don't miss our current offering of Cavachon puppy loves,,, even as used to great puppies as I am, these babies simply have exceptionally family friendly personalities & they are scrumptious to a ridiculous degree, I LOVE when beauty and personality merge into the exact right combination for puppy perfection!
Premium Puppy Price

Foxglove Farm

​Beautiful coat 
with loads of wave and curl promises
to me
Foxglove Farm

Foxglove Farms Ruby Slippers
Toy RUBY RED Cavapoo Girl Puppy
Oh good grief Charlie Brown!!!
I just cannot tell you how perfectly gorgeous this little baby girl puppy is! Abundant curly coat in the most amazing shade of deepest auburn with snowy accents, see the tiny spot on her forehead, the white bit under her chin and chest, even on her back toes, little accents of snow, she is utterly the most beautiful puppy you'll find anywhere!
She's happy to snuggle, 
Happy to waggle her tail and prance
a bit,,, happy to nap in someone's arms for as long as they'll hold her!
Just an angel of a puppy, don't miss her, this kind of baby is hard to find!
Premium Puppy Star Price

Foxglove Farm
Ruby Slippers
"I'm SOLD!"
I'm a beautiful
surprise for someone
in CT!!!
Foxglove Farm
"I'm SOLD!"
To Cindy in
Ohio who is
going to LOVE this gorgeous baby!!!
Foxglove Farms Dorothy
Toy Black & White Parti-Color Cavapoo Girl Puppy
What a tiny darling our "Dorothy" is! She's ever so softly gentle, a bit playful when she warms up to you, but as you can see when she's with her sister, baby Dorothy is a tender hearted little person, snuggling as close as she can (don't you love Ruby Slipper's expression? What a good big sister she is!), she'll be a devoted small companion with such striking good looks that you'll be tempted to start her own Facebook page to have a platform for all her many admirers!
Kidding aside, this puppy from every angle is just a delight, when even the camera loves one of my puppies, it's a sign that their personality is so charismatic, they have an extra measure of what makes everyone love them (even cameras for goodness sake!).  All in all this wee miss is a delight, indeed a picture IS worth a thousand words!
Premium Puppy Star Price

Foxglove Farms Lollipop
Larger Toy Black & White  
Parti-Color Girl Cavapoo Puppy
And the last sister in this litter is slightly the largest, slightly the most social and outgoing baby girl puppy.
I'm thinking about 10 to 12 pounds when grown, just a pinch more sturdy if there are little folk about (Ruby Slippers would be fine for careful small people as well), our "Lollipop" has a shining sweet nature, giving puppy kisses and happily greeting all visitors with a plea that 
"I'm the best puppy, oh pick me~!!!"
Affectionate, funny, a bit of bounce and plenty of snuggles too, this exceedingly pretty girl baby will be a wonderful choice for the more active family who wants a eminently portable and easy to care for canine to join the human clan.
The poodle part of the pedigree brings super non-shed & hypoallergenic qualities to Lollie's dashing curls, she'll not cause a sneeze or sniffle cross her paw she says!  Oh I don't envy you dear puppy people, choosing between these darlings!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms
Mrs Hughes
To Alex & Mary
In Virginia!
You are going to love this sweet puppy!!!
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Foxglove Farms
"I'm Available!"
Foxglove Farm
"I'm Available!"

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