Dear Puppy People,  Just a note before you scroll down to see our newest available Cavachon pups. I am simply amazed at the process and how it is possible for individuals and families who live sometimes in far away places to choose one of our Cavachons. These individuals sometimes come to us after searching through hundreds of ads on the Internet, from looking at dozens of tiny little faces gazing out of photos on a computer screen. And even more amazing, how hundreds of thousands of you become loyal fans of our site, both those who've purchased a Cavachon, (many have purchased you a second and even THIRD Cavachon from Foxglove Farm) and those who simply long for a little Cavachon puppy companion perhaps sometime in the future and love to visit and see our newest "kids" and enjoy the latest blog entry in our "Letters From Foxglove Farm". I'm thrilled that we have been able to match many of you with YOUR "Perfect Puppy", that this process is indeed blessed and helped by our prayers - prayers that the puppies we raise  find the right homes and bring JOY to the hearts of those who adopt them.

 It's not without a large amount of effort though. As Cavachon breeders > we give them a big head start on housetraining, grooming, nail trimming, crate training (in fact most of our puppies are sleeping through the night when they leave for their new homes, a VERY good thing!), all super important basics that a Cavacgib will remember the rest of his or her life! Our  Cavachon pups love people, other pets, & of course CHILDREN,,, and are simply the most beautiful Cavachons you'll find anywhere! (I've heard that comment hundreds of times!!!)
 I know it's rather a daunting process, to find the Cavachon puppy that will fit the best into YOUR life. My advice is the same to all that ask me – this is a long-term investment. Really good Cavachons are not inexpensive and you'd better get the very best one you can find, one that will pay for itself thousands of times over in being not only completely adorable and BEAUTIFUL, but also in being easy to live with, loving and social with family and friends, super easy to housebreak, wonderfully trainable and just a JOY to own!
 Kindest Puppy Regards,
 Terry Ellen Cross
 Foxglove Farm
 Lucas Ohio

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
I sat down to post the new litter and do one of my most favorite things, try to describe each & every one of our Cavachon puppies in such  a way that makes him or her,,, come alive for those of you searching (& searching & searching!) for your perfect Cavachon!  To help you make that "connection" even through cyberspace & just photos on a page,,, a connection with YOUR Cavachon puppy...  The amazing bit??? That within hours, within minutes sometimes, our rather more expensive babies are sold, that even though cheaper Cavachons abound on the Internet, people still flock to see our latest "Kids" and that the demand for our Cavachons doesn't seem to waver in spite of a sluggish economy and tighter purses...  Perhaps it's as I was told TWICE this morning, by two different folks who had been searching and decided on a Foxglove Farm Cavachon.  "I just keep coming back to your site, your Cavachons are just beautiful & there's just something about your site that is so very different"...  While I could go on for ages about that difference, the long & short of it is, I am passionate about placing the most beautiful Cavachon, one who will fit perfectly into each family,,, it takes loads of time and effort & more hard work than I ever dreamed,,, but I know we have simply wonderfully beautiful & loving loyal Cavachons, and it seems that simply speaks for itself... 
THANK YOU for visiting Foxglove Farm.... 
Call Terry 1-419-552-6670 for help choosing YOUR perfect puppy!!!  
If you're not close enough to visit & must have your 
Cavachon puppy sent please don't
   worry about shipping your new baby,
he'll be fine I promise!!!
My veterinarian says a short airplane
ride is much less stressful than a long first journey
by car for a young puppy.
email me
Cavachon Puppies For Sale

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We are telling everyone who sees them about you! The picture we are sending was taken by a professional photographer. He entered it in a pet photo contest and won. His next step is at a regional contest. We will let you know when our two little guys win the Grand Prize, which of course, we know they will!.
Dave Bossart & 
Sue McKigney
North Dakota
"I don't even know how to begin to express what a sweet, adorable, friendly and fun puppy our Lacey is. She is just a joy to be around! Everyone who meets her falls in love. I don't think I've ever seen my daughter Amy so happy. Even my husband who wasn't quite sure about the whole idea is absolutely smitten!"
Lynne Nizalek
NuVet Plus
Cavachon Puppy For Sale
Call Us - Cavachon Pups
"I just love love love her. Everyone does that meets her as well. They all want Cavachons now! Lol! She just has the sweetest disposition."
Jennifer in Mo.
Bon Bon
Going to 
be a 
second Foxglove
much loved puppy
to the Shewhart
family in Ohio!
(I can't wait for Charlie
to meet her!)

Cavachons for sale
Foxglove Farms
Lauren is trying really hard not to spoil me to bits!!!
Nutmeg     The Lockhart Family in California 
now have 
Foxglove puppy kids 
to love!!!

 "We had to write and thank you for our Maggie! What a blessing to our lives. She is the sweetest dog we have ever seen and great with everyone. Our vet and groomer are amazed at how behaved and laid-back she is she can put a smile on your face just by looking at her.  We couldn't be happier!"
The Nickerson Family
Foxglove Farms Christmas Locket
Toy Blenheim Girl Puppy
Speaking of characters!!!  Little miss Locket, who is normally silly and playful, happily & affectionately 
full of herself???
The MOMENT my camera comes out?  
A transformation occurs,,, 
see the limpid beseeching dark eyes,,, the rather pitifully sorrowful           gaze at the camera??? 
Do NOT think this little person is shy or fearful of ANYTHING!!!  Honestly, she's as happy & outgoing a puppy as I've raised to date, but let me even look like I'm going to take her picture and she melts into the floor, refusing to lift even one paw to help mom show her TRUE personality!!!  I have to laugh,,, the very moment I put the Canon down??? Up she bounces, giving kisses and happy as the proverbial clam,,, it's all a puppy can do she says to contain all the puppy joy she feels!  Too bad she won't share a bit of that joyous enthusiasm when the camera is ON??!?
Such is the life of a Puppy Diva!
Premium Puppy Price
Cesar has gone to live
Mae Mae 
Florida, happy 
puppy indeed!

Foxglove Farms Gingersnap
Blenheim Girl Cavachon Puppy
Pondering a Goldendoodle??
Hubby want a "REAL DOG"???
Kids want a pony???
Why not compromise with this darling little girl Cavachon who's slightly on the larger side of things, albeit around 20 pounds when she's grown, still such a nice manageable size,,, her coat will come in beautifully making her wonderfully non-shed & hypo-allergenic, she's perfect for anyone who starts to sneeze around the four footed kind!
A happy nature and sporty fun attitude means she'll fit with just about any home, especially one with small fry begging for a puppy of their own,,, she'll blissfully endure being carried around & lovingly take turns sleeping on little people's beds if mom allows, oh puppy BLISS indeed!!!
I'm indeed a fan of children having a puppy of their own to love,,, puppies teach little people all sorts of much needed life skills, friendship & loyalty, responsibility and faithfulness,,, plus there's absolutely nothing to add more fun to a home than a furry four-footed creature that utterly adores each and every member of the family!
Premium Puppy Price

To Janet
in South Carolina!
(Her kitty is counting the days till her new "sister's" arrival!
: )~!

New litter posted:
These darling babies are ready for delivery 11/25/14

Cavapoo puppy for sale
Cavachon puppy for sale
Cavapoo puppy
Ruby Cavapoo Puppy
Foxglove Farms Christmas Ribbon
What an absolutely STUNNING little girl our "Ribbon" is!  I hadn't had a litter of Cavapoo babies in about 6 years and decided we'd have some for Christmas, alas,,, 
mommy had just one baby for me, 
but OH what a baby she is!!!
Almost an irish setter red, Ribbon is a lovely mahogany with bits of white on her bib and a puff on her chin & nose as well.  A complete "character", she know's she's utterly adorable and was such fun to photograph, note how she poses with her puppy bling, even when a bit of feather floated up past her nose, she sat perfectly still for me, this little one will be super easy to train, she's outgoing and sweet, meeting everyone with tail happily wagging and paws pattering a funny little greeting.  I'll hate to see her leave, this is just such a beautiful puppy inside & out!
Premium Puppy Star Price
Ruby Cavapoo Puppy
Foxglove Farm Cavapoo Puppy
Foxglove Farms Christmas Ribbon
I'm Available!!!
Foxglove Farms 
Christmas Locket
I'm Available!!!
Cavachon puppy for sale
Cavachon puppy
Foxglove Farms Snowman
Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy
Here's the bookend brother to our Locket above,,, but Snowman is a bit more cheerful about the picture thing he says,,, other than having a bit of a nap in between shots, he was quite happy to show his affectionate good nature (he say's he'd love a kitty of his very own!!!) this boy puppy is well rounded in all puppy graces.  Sleeping right through the night, he pops off to bed about 10 ish and darling boy sleeps soundly till 7 or 8 am!  Cavachons are such cozy babies, they snuggle sweetly in bed (beside someone please they say!) and go nite nite with hardly a peep until the morning comes, you don't KNOW how wonderful that is until you've tried to sleep with a howling protesting puppy who decides that 3:00 am is the perfect time for a midnight "walkies"!  
We give our "kids" loads of structure, they learn everything from crate training to having tiny nails trimmed, fluffy coats shampooed and combed, even romps on the lead to be prepared for life in their new homes.
​I LOVE boy puppies by the way, sunny and loving, they make wonderful family dogs!
Premium Puppy Price
Foxglove Farms 
I'm Available!!!
Foxglove Farms Kris Kringle 
Blenheim Boy Cavachon Puppy
If your a beginner in all things puppy,,, it's good to start with a milder natured sort of pup, one without too high an energy level, a puppy who's a bit more laid-back than some, making your life as a dog novice all that much easier.
Kris Kringle is just that kind of puppy, he's cuddly and happy to snuggle keeping your toes warm while you peruse Pinterest into the wee hours,,, content to sleep in a bit in the mornings to let you catch up on some zzzz's!  Cavachons as a rule are like that, a lower energy, lower stress producing breed than so many overwrought canines out there, but this puppy in particular is a nice choice if you're a bit hesitant about the dog thing (but hubby and the kids are pleading pleading pleading for a puppy??).
Take the puppy plunge in rather a painless kind of way, you'll find yourself reluctantly smitten with any of our Foxglove kids, but perhaps even more so with our little Kringle boy, do yourself, do your family a favor,,, 
get a GREAT PUPPY!!! 
It really truly makes SUCH a difference that you'll appreciate for years and years to come!
Don't miss this darling boy!
Premium Puppy Price

Foxglove Farms
Kris Kringle 
I'm Available!!!