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What makes a Cavachon such a great family pet?  The Cavachon, a blend of the adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the people-loving Bichon Frise is no wonder, one of the most popular Designer Dogs on the planet!

What is a Cavachon you ask?

What is a Cavachon you ask?

Cavachon puppy with children

What is a Cavachon?

The Cavachon, a beautiful canine creature that almost never barks? A dog that has the most mellow and sweet personality, laidback but fun and sporty too? A four-footed companion that doesn’t shed? Oh PUPPY BLISS! Do Cavachons make good family pets??? The answer is a resounding YES!

Cavachons are such amazing dogs. The most kid friendly & dependable family pets, loving and exceedingly gentle, once you have one you’ll agree with the thousands of people who are utterly smitten with the delightful Cavachon too! I've never been a fan of small barky high-strung dogs and found that the Cavachon, a blending of the adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the clownish people-loving Bichon Frise, created a utterly beautiful small dog who is hypo-allergenic and very low to completely non-shed. A small dog with a sporty and fun disposition but one who also has a mellow and laid-back personality.  

By the way, they are one of the best choices for a mellow and easy to live with family dog if you have children. Cavachons (and the Cavapoo as well) are uniquely well suited for kids, they are kind and loving, happy to spend lots of time being held and carried around. The happy other side of these two breeds are that they’re quite athletic for a relatively small sized dog. They enjoy just about any family activity, from swimming to hiking and just about anything else you can dream up.

Though small in stature, they have the heart and sensibilities of a much larger dog, dependably kind and sweet natured with the youngest child yet playful enough for the older ones too.

I believe that kids who grow up with a great dog, yes, like a Cavachon, learn the nurturing skills that will make them better parents. Look at the loving concern these little brothers show while helping their new puppy learn to swim. Priceless!

I believe that kids who grow up with a great dog, yes, like a Cavachon, learn the nurturing skills that will make them better parents. Look at the loving concern these little brothers show while helping their new puppy learn to swim. Priceless!

Years of working with dogs, not only as a dog breeder, but also as a veterinary technician, obedience trainer & even owning an upscale bed and biscuit on a beautiful sea island in South Carolina, have given me a vast amount of doggie experience.  That serves this Cavachon breeder quite well in helping families chose the perfect family pet.

I've seen the chaos that owning the wrong dog can bring to a family, dogs that bark and bite, dogs that run away, dogs that are impossible to house train, the list goes on and on.

After retiring from the boarding kennel business, (I'm writing a book about that season of our dog life!) I began raising Cavachons.  I'd always loved big dogs and found the heart of a larger canine in this "forever puppy" this genuinely sweet natured and gentle small dog.  

Are Cavachons hard to house train? 

I don’t know about anyone else, but my puppy owners rave about how easy their Cavachons are to potty train…

"She's only had one accident in week and that was my fault!"  

"He slept right through the night in his crate from day one!"

“These puppies are AMAZING (from an owner of 2 of our puppies) they go to sleep at 10:30 pm and I don’t hear a peek from them until 8 in the morning!”

"This is the easiest puppy I've ever raised!!!

Or my favorite from a few days ago,,,

“Thank you for raising miracle puppies!”
— A recent email from one of our wonderful Puppy People

Our Cavachons have been raised with loads of structure in their young lives, so essential and the key to establishing a good foundation which makes potty training much easier for the new puppy owner. Years of working with dogs, especially in obedience, have shown me that all puppies must have the good start or they can be difficult to house train, not to mention have a host of problem behaviors that in general make life with a new puppy not very much fun at all.

For example, too many dog breeders toss newspaper down and allow puppies to learn bad habits that are very hard for the novice dog owner to overcome. Puppies allowed to walk on newspaper during house training, absorb the ink into their pads and then track that ink along with ammonia scent all around their living area, making for a puppy that loses his instinct to keep his home clean.  

No wonder many puppy owners despair of the potty training process.  We keep our puppies spotlessly clean and I never use newspaper when house training our babies! 

Cavachons are great family dogs

Another area where years of experience make a huge difference in the trainability of the puppies I raise and just one of the many reasons why my Inbox is filled with letters from our past happy puppy people that make for wonderful Foxglove Farm reviews!

Now, even with such glowing accolades, of course, I'm not proclaiming that a Foxglove puppy will arrive house trained and never have an accident.  That would be totally unrealistic, but I am saying that if you are diligent, and everyone in the family study New Puppy 101 (which shows you exactly how to set up the proper playpen, night time crate etc to create boundaries and help your puppy learn the rules in her new abode). Getting a Foxglove puppy? No need to purchase a copy, you’ll receive access before your puppy arrives in her new home so you can do your puppy homework and be a house training Ninja from day one!

How Big Do Cavachons Get?

Cavachons are big enough to enjoy real dog adventures but small enough to travel easily too!

Cavachons are big enough to enjoy real dog adventures but small enough to travel easily too!

We raise two sizes of Cavachon for people who are looking for either a smaller size super portable canine companion, or a slightly larger more sporty version.

  • “Toy” 10-15 pounds (occasionally a tiny one even smaller).

  • “Standard" 15 to 22 pounds on average.

Both sizes are perfectly sturdy, just a matter of personal preference, though small dogs they have the heart of their larger canine counterparts. Look at these scenes of one of our Foxglove puppies enjoying a day at the beach!

Cavachons are brave, sporty and fun companions and many LOVE the water!

Cavachons are brave, sporty and fun companions and many LOVE the water!

Cavachons are typically very gentle & loving, easy to house train, affectionate with children, other pets in the family (cats included).

My feedback has been that Cavachons are extremely easy to house train, (We give them a super start which makes your job easier) Require less frequent grooming than many hybrids and have low maintenance silky wavy coats.

Cavachons and Hybrid Vigor

Very hardy & healthy, my vet says they are blessed with “Hybrid Vigor”, which typically produces a Cavachon puppy free of many genetic problems associated with today’s average purebred dog!

I love the personality of these little Cavachon dolls as well, happy little folk. They are cheerful & full of good will & simply delightful as companions & family pets. I can’t say enough nice things about Cavachon puppies. I have seen too many lovely purebred dogs with such heartbreaking issues, both in temperament & health.

I truly believe by combining totally unrelated bloodlines in the parents, we product Cavachons that are much sounder in every way! I showed purebred dogs for years, and I love them. But i have had first hand experience with what inbreeding can do to even the most beautifully bred AKC canine!!!

Girls with Hybrid Puppy

Thoughts on owning a Cavachon

As a long-time dog breeder, I know how important it is to raise a puppy in a way that makes them easy to train & eager to please. Without good early training, they learn bad habits that may last a lifetime!  It's unfortunate that many little dogs turn into high energy small breeds that require the patience of a saint to live with, I call it the "small dog syndrome" and while I love the size and low maintenance of smaller canines, often what goes along with them is a less than desirable temperament, one that barks noisily for little reason, one that is simply too tightly wound and energetic and in many ways is a less than ideal choice for a family pet.  

Cavachon puppy clipart by Vianne Chang

I fell in love with the Cavachon nearly a decade ago, in my opinion as close to the perfect companion as you'll find, the offspring of the sweet & gentle Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & the hypo-allergenic non-shedding comical little snowball, the Bichon Frise. Combined, these two super companions canines, create an even more delightful canine creation, a wonderfully gentle yet sporty Fido with the beautiful coat pattern and markings of the exquisitely, colored Cavalier & the hypo-allergenic and non-shed qualities of the Bichon Frise. 

    In addition to the exceedingly desirable coat characteristics of the purebred parents, the Cavachon puppy also inherits one of the most delightful personalities of any breed I've ever handled. They are in addition to being most affectionate and sweet natured, extremely smart and easy to train, an important trait in any family companion.

They are almost without exception, an extra quiet breed, not barkers, not hyper, but dependably happy & sweet, they love to cuddle & are wonderful as children's pets. Cavachons have the heart and sensibilities of larger breeds, they love to join in just about any family activity, from swimming or boating (Cavachons LOVE the water!) I've always been a big dog lover, and Cavachons are a perfect fit if you don't want a "fou fou" dog, I believe that a Foxglove Cavachon will be the most loved & easy to live with puppy you'll ever own!

if you want a more athletic and sporty canine in an easy to manage size, one that makes you laugh, but doesn't shed all over your furniture, one that rides happily along to Starbucks for a Latte, but doesn't make your allergies act up, one that snoozes by your feet in the evenings, and resides happily with everyone from your Golden Retriever to the family feline,,, look no further, you have found the Cavachon, the PERFECT PUPPY!