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My Puppy Training eBook

How to train a new puppy? Confused? Raising a puppy requires lots of love but yes, boundaries too and the internet is full of methods that can derail your puppy training in no time flat. Learning how to raise a puppy with manners isn’t hard but you'll need a commonsense guide to sort through all the nonsense on the web, New Puppy Training 101 is a fun to read guide written by a dog breeder to help novices raise a puppy they can live with.

How to train a puppy? That question has 350,000,000 million results on Google, no wonder puppy owners are confused…

How to train a puppy? That question has 350,000,000 million results on Google, no wonder puppy owners are confused…

Training a puppy with manners in the real world isn’t easy.

How to raise a puppy with manners.

How to raise a puppy with manners.

Be prepared. The internet is full of the worst mishmash of training nonsense, some of it guaranteed to create an out of control puppy that is a headache to live with.

Can I be honest about a subject that has frustrated me for years? People who get a new puppy are faced with a bewildering array of puppy training advice, unfortunately, a large part of it will completely sabotage their efforts to raise a dog who is a joy and not a headache to live with. Sorry, but it’s true, get puppy raising wrong and you’ll regret it for about 15 years...

Good luck if you are searching the internet for help training your new puppy, there is so much nonsense on the web about puppy training it boggles the mind.

I am referring to to current trend of “100 % positive” dog training, which in theory, sounds warm and fuzzy but as someone who has trained puppies and dogs for over 30 years knows, leaves the new puppy owner afraid to be the pack leader and can result in an out of control puppy who thinks the position as leader of the pack is up for grabs, your puppy doesn’t really want to be Alpha in your family but instinct will lead her there if you don’t take the top spot lovingly but firmly from day one.

Foxglove Farm puppies have such an advantage by the way. They are raised with loads of love but that love is balanced with training that begins early and helps each of our babies begin their puppy journey with the knowledge that the two-footed ones are always in charge. This is vital information for every puppy and if you get a totally different breed (or a puppy from another Cavachon breeder) you can still gain the puppy training skills to help that puppy go up properly.

The truth? Dogs not only understand leadership, they crave it. They thrive on knowing that someone is in control and that they don’t have to be. It’s your job to be the leader of their human family so your puppy can relax and depend on the people to help her learn the rules that help her grow up to be a mannerly and fun to live with canine.

More truth? This never means being abusive or mean to your puppy. To build a healthy relationship, your puppy needs a careful balance of praise and admonishment. But the current puppy training fad will tell you that even saying No to your puppy means you are a bad owner, or worse still, the hapless owner is roundly scolded for using anything but absolutely positive training. No wonder the shelters are overflowing with dogs that their frustrated owners gave up on in despair because of their puppy’s out of control behaviors.

I wrote this book to help confused puppy owners who are struggling to gain the skills to raise a mannerly and fun to live with family companion.

For example: YouTube videos by the dozen instruct that if your puppy bites or chews on you or your furniture, “redirect her with a toy” or “leave the room until your puppy calms down”. While offering a substitute is fine, your puppy needs a combination of firmness and yes, correction, along with that toy to give her clear instruction and help her learn

One extremely popular dog trainer is shown tearing cardboard into small pieces and flinging them at the puppy he is supposedly training. The owner sits with a frozen smile watching in dismay and the puppy? She’s pulling long strips of material off the wicker couch as the camera rolls.

Puppy chewing up book.jpg

(This video has over a million views! No wonder the shelters are overflowing with dogs that their owners finally gave up on in despair).

What should you do when your puppy is using her razor sharp teeth on your hands or is otherwise unruly and out of control? Most current puppy training guides will instruct you that you are forbidden to use any negative reinforcement at all but instead tell the puppy parent to:

”Leave the room until your puppy calms down.”

“Hold your hand still until your puppy lets go, then offer her a toy.” (Ouch!)

Written to help make life with your new puppy so much fun that you’ll wonder why you waited (and worried) so long before taking the puppy plunge!

I’ve condensed (crammed, jammed and otherwise stuffed) 1000’s of hours and decades worth of puppy raising, dog breeding, obedience training and veterinary technician experience into a fun and easy to read guide that I promise will make life with a new puppy loads more fun and much easier to navigate than you dreamed possible. A copy comes free with every Foxglove puppy but puppy owners of all breeds of dogs will benefit from the over 200 pages of puppy tips and helps in this ebook.

Answers for all your most urgent puppy training questions in one fun to read, kid-friendly guide.

Is it wrong to tell my puppy “No” ???

How do I house train a puppy?

How often should I feed a puppy?

How old should my puppy be before neutering?

How do I give my puppy a bath and how often?

What about “100% Positive” dog training, is even that possible? (The short answer is no…)

Puppy Training Book