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Puppy Blog

Welcome to Foxglove Farm, I love to write about our beautiful Cavachons. You may also find puppy training tips, product reviews, and a few good stories.

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Lavender & Bergamot Oh My!

Terry Cross

Agatha's Apothecary Luxury Lather Dog Shampoo

How embarrassing!  I've been working for the last year or so to complete the formula for our wonderful new shampoo & conditioner, (SO EXCITED!).  

We've launched our Agatha's Apothecary Advanced Probiotic last year & while that was a lengthy process as well, nothing has compared with the difficulty of  bringing Agatha's Luxury Lather & Healthy Shine Coat Conditioner to the world of pet care.

Agatha's Apothecary Dog Probiotic

The process been hair-raising (intended!) to say the least.  Stretching from one coast to the other, beginning in Vermont and then reaching to California to find a company who could both understand my dream (of really fabulous organically based shampoos and coat conditioners for DOGS) and be able to help me manufacture those products and make them available to dog owners everywhere.

We are in the final stages, finally,,, the first shipment of shampoo & conditioner awaits our beautiful new labels,,,, and OH NO!!!  The label is stopped in in tracks because of a typo!  Unbelievable,,, I have to laugh, my delicious lavender and bergamot essential oil blend is the problem, BERGAMOT,,,, not a word we use everyday so it's understandable, but ohhhhh, another delay when I simply cannot wait for my Puppy People to find out what a really great grooming product can do for their dog.  Soon Puppy People, soon...

Healthy Puppy


As a dog breeder and veterinary technician (of more years than I like to admit!), I’ve done the research on what it takes to keep not only my puppies healthy, but what simple steps the puppy owner needs to take to keep their puppy healthy for the long-term.

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