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Puppy Blog

How to care for a new puppy, from house training tips & DIY with lots of puppy stories to help make life with your good dog better.

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Welcome to the Puppy Post a blog for lovers of dogs of all ages.  Some of you have been long-time friends of Foxglove Farm, others have found us while surfing the web looking for help finding a puppy or living a good life with the grown up dog they already have.

Wherever you are in your doggie journey, I'm so happy you found us and I hope you sign up for blog posts, goodies like product giveaways, photo contests, DIY's and more. 

As my regular Puppy People already know, I'm a prolific writer of everything from dog and puppy care & training tips to puppy stories and even a series of children's books aimed at helping little people learn to love and care for their pets. 

As if that wasn't enough, I'm also the founder of Agatha's Apothecary, my other passion is helping owners keep their much-loved pets healthy.  You'll find my favorite products, free samples and promo codes for Agatha's Apothecary right alongside my musings on life in the country at this beautiful place called Foxglove Farm.

It is my joy to share the beautiful, the poignant, and most of all,,, the humorous side of life with dogs, I hope you return often and share this journey with me.

Warmest Wags Indeed,

Terry & the four-footed furries

The ultimate guide to raising a great puppy!

The ultimate guide to raising a great puppy!

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